Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Museum Shops

What's the best part of a museum when you're a little kid? The gift shop! Well guess what... that shop isn't just for grabby little hands to plead with parents "please buy me this thing I don't need"! Museum shops are actually places I love going to and love recommending... why? Because they are great places for gifts. Yes there are many shops with small overpriced items that no one really needs, like magnets and shot glasses and playing cards, etc. But among these trivial items, many times you can find great, unique gifts that you don't see anywhere else, like interesting jewelry, or local foods and spices, or handmade crafts. Keep an eye out in the kids' book section too, because many times you can find great educational books that you would never see at WalMart or the toy store.
Every time I'm in a shop with my mom I notice that she will make purchases for nieces and nephews... like children's books or puzzles... I've even seen the modern version of paper dolls aka magnetic dolls with different backgrounds and clothes you stick to them! I, myself, have purchased adult gifts like specialized art and photography books.
Chris and I went to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum on Sunday in downtown Austin. We had never been and we were both surprised at how big it was inside and how much there was to see! After wandering for hours through the 3-level building, we hit up the gift shop. Chris bought me an amazeballs smelling candle, made in Fredericksburg, TX! It's a soy candle that smells exactly like the beach! After smelling literally every scent, this is the one I chose... summer's ending and I figured there's no better way to "stay" at the beach throughout the winter. So until the next time I'm relaxing on the sand of South Padre, I have my candle :-)
So don't forget... next time you want a unique gift, or just something local and interesting, don't forget those museum shops! Many times you can enter the store without having to pay for or see the exhibits, and I guarantee, you'll have people asking you where you bought that interesting something!
Thanks ,Chris, for my candle ;-) Love you! Happy shopping y'all! :-)

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