Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 2013!!

Oh my goodness! Can you believe it is already halfway through January?? And it's my first post of 2013?! Haha just like me to already be behind! Sooo... Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a very blessed holiday season! I'm excusing myself from my lack of posts these first 2 weeks of the year, only because life has been crazy busy since I GOT ENGAGED!!!

Everything has been a complete whirlwind! In a good way, of course ;-) Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on New Years Eve, and that is when he popped the question! I'll save the juicy details for my wedding website (coming soon!!), but I will tell you, it was just as I imagined... simple and classic and romantic! Yes, Chris got down on one knee and everything ❤❤❤ And the bling! OMG! I'm so in love with my ring! Pictures online don't even do it justice! It's so sparkly and vintage-looking and even includes two sapphires, which he knows I love. I wanted something original, something I had never seen one of my friends with... I like to be extra sassy and stand out! ;-)

On top of this MAJOR news, I have other major news in my professional life! I have made a decision to move myself up into leadership! I already manage a group of amazing girls, and I'm making the decision to just keep adding more!! I WILL be a sales director in Mary Kay, and I'm SO excited about the opportunities that lay before me! Yes, that's right... that means I am saying there is a free Pink Cadillac in my future!! I have known in my heart for a long time that this is the direction I would be taking, and I am stepping out of any fear and taking on the challenge in this, the 50th anniversary year for Mary Kay! Making this move now will help me to contribute so much to my future husband and future family! Chris and I have big plans and big dreams for the future, and this is going to be amazing in helping us to realize those dreams!

I can't believe how unbelievable lucky I have been so far in the new year! I know 2013 is going to be so great and I'm excited for these new journeys I am beginning! This year will probably be a crazy rollercoaster but I am so ready for it! I am abundantly blessed by my God and it takes my breath away how He is working in my relationship AND in my professional career!! My He also bless you and yours in the new year!

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