Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love is in the air

What a beautiful day in Fort Worth! Cool temps & sunny skies! I enjoyed a nice walk downtown & a stop into Barnes & Noble. I went with the intent of picking up the Complete Guide to Weddings from The Knot, but I also found a ton of other things, as per usual in a bookstore, right? I picked up a few cute finds from the bargain rack including a novel about a wedding girl (obsessed much? Lol) and an inspirational read on how to be a leader (a girl's still gotta work during this planning!). I skipped my usual Starbucks & opted to walk across the street to the Cupcakery. I dove right into the wedding planning guide, and my chocolate cupcake, and sipped my hot coffee.

Ahhhh! Such girly fun today ;-) Now time to walk home super fast! It's cold & I'm packing an unnecessary cupcake!

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