Monday, October 6, 2014

If my husband and I were an outfit

{If my husband and I were an outfit, this is what we'd be
Opposites attract, we're proof of this you see

He's a t-shirt kind of guy and comic heroes are his fave
I'm more influenced by Barbie, fake or not, she's a babe

Green Lantern, Flash and Hulk, he's teaching me a lot
And adding it to my fashion? It makes him happy, so why not?

Super heroes are all about fashion, just look at how they dress
I have an appreciation for the powers they possess

This outfit makes me feel beautiful, it's a little him and a little me
We're newly weds in love, I hope it's obvious to see}

This Marvel Crop Top is on sale at Forever 21!

Happy Monday y'all! Hope you PoWeR through your week!!

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