Monday, October 27, 2014

my latest travel essentials

I've been traveling a lot lately... not super exciting blogging trips or vacations or anything... just mostly toting around in the car all over Texas for various things like weddings and family visits.  Now, I love traveling but at the same time I am a total OCD person that hates to be away from home!  Home is where I have all of my stuff and everything is just right, you know?

At home you have everything you need and everything you're used to and you know right where it is.  And if you run out of something, chances are you know exactly where that something is on your local store's shelf and it's a quick fix.  But what about traveling?  How do you stay comfortable and how do you fit everything you need without overpacking and taking everything you own?

In my world the answer is simple... Travel size products.  Ok, I am well aware that travel size items are extremely small amounts of product for jacked up prices... Yes, I get it.  But there's also a huge convenience factor here and to me, it's worth it.  I like to have my small products on hand, packed and ready to go for any trip.  I've linked my favorite products below from my most recent road trip! 

All of these items were purchased in the Travel Size Product sections of Target and Walmart (except the flat iron cover and the Mary Kay products).  Most of them are pretty self-explanatory as to what I used them for but a couple of things may not be.  

The baby powder and Ban Cooling Wipes are for Texas weather.  Yep, it gets hot and we sweat here... A LOT... even in October.  It's nice to have the baby powder for your body and underarms, but it's also nice to have to sprinkle on your feet before putting on heels or any shoes really.  It will help keep your feet cool and dry, and if you're anything like me, your feet determine your whole body's temperature.  

I have to say that the Ban Wipes were a very pleasant surprise and they worked really well!!  I happened to see them when I was grabbing the other travel items and thought, well I'm going to Houston, cooling wipes are probably a good investment!  And they were!  They worked really well and actually I found the best use of them to be on my recent camping trip.  There's nothing like a cool, soothing clean cloth when you've been sweating outside for a few days!  My one complaint would be that the individual cloths are pretty small, but the cooling sensation was great!

The other item you may question is the baby wipes.  No, I do not have children (just a husband & that's close enough right now! BAM hahaha JK Love you Hubby!!) but I ALWAYS have baby wipes.  They are so useful!  I use them all the time for simply wiping off my hands or giving myself a quick "bath" and reapplying deodorant.  They can also be used for removing your makeup (especially eye makeup) when you don't have any other means.  And they can be used for wiping away those pesky deodorant marks from your clothing!

What are your must-have products for traveling?  Any big travel plans coming up?  I'd love to hear about your trips and packing tips!!

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