Thursday, March 12, 2015

hello yellow!

Hooray sunshine!!  We're having another sunny day in Fort Worth and it's making me super happy!!  I'm finally feeling like spring is, well, springing!  So let's talk about a bright, super spring-like color, that actually I haven't been that fond of in the past, but am loving right now... HELLO YELLOW!

Yellow is SO HOT right now.  We're seeing it everywhere and not just pastel, but bright, attention-grabbing, saturated yellow.  I happen to be wearing a gorgeous yellow dress in about a week when I'm a bridesmaid for a dear friend!  Go girl, you're so on trend!!  I can't wait to see how she has incorporated this color into her wedding!

I've rounded up a few yellow favorites below!  Shop them by clicking the small thumbnails at the bottom!
Happy almost-Friday!!
Hello Yellow

Yellow may seem like a tricky color to wear, and yeah, it can be.  I personally have a little bit of a hard time because my skin tone is definitely more on the pale side.  My advice is go towards the opposite saturation as your skin tone.  So if you have paler skin, go with a bolder, more saturated yellow, like canary yellow, or mustard.  If you have a darker skin tone, feel free to play more with the pastels.  That's not to say you can't wear pastels with lighter skin and vice versa, you just have to play around and try on different things and see what works for YOU. 

If you're still nervous about wearing head-to-toe yellow, opt for a pop in your handbag or shoes, or even just a belt.  When you wear yellow, you're sure to brighten your day as well as those around you!  You'll also be seen!!  Did you know that yellow gets the most attention from people?  Think about it... warning signs, school buses, taxis... there's a reason they're all bright yellow!  So if you're wanting to stand out, yellow is for you!  What's your favorite item?  


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