Monday, March 9, 2015

rain rain go away

I am SO over this weather.  I mean seriously... the gloomy days, the rain, the bitter cold.  I thought I lived in Texas..??  I don't mind cold here and there and I definitely don't mind snow!  But day after day of no sun and nothing but cold rain... NOT ok!  

I really am one of those people that starts to get depressed after a few days of no sun.  I have felt tired, lethargic, achy and just plain poopy the last few days!  But something that always cheers me up is Sunday with my husband and my parents.

Like our normal Sundays, yesterday we went to church and out to lunch with my parents.  I think this is the third Sunday in a row that we've been out in rain and I'm starting to realize lately how lacking I am in the rain clothing department!

Luckily, I have this amazing vintage trench coat from my mom and it has been keeping me warm and dry the last few weeks!  I have a fair amount of vintage pieces from my mom and they are without a doubt my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  She has great taste and thankfully she had the foresight to save a lot of items... perhaps not specifically for a daughter in the future, but regardless, I've gained some wonderful items thanks to her thriftiness!

Not going to lie, I wasn't even going to try to link this Trench Coat.  The company is gone and has been for quite some time... I was just going to shop some similar ones for you, but guess what?  I actually found some!!!  Vintage 70s comin' at ya!  Keep scrolling!
 Find this Vintage Trench Coat HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE 

(Note: If you're looking to purchase this online I would ask the seller for dimensions as well as sizing.  This coat runs narrow in the waist.  I can't find a size on mine but I guarantee it's small)

And guess what, it's STILL raining outside today! GRRR!!  At least it's the hubby's day off and our day will mostly just be snuggles and movies!  Happy Monday y'all!  Hope your week starts out great!

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