Thursday, August 4, 2016

baby clothing clearance + texas tax-free weekend

Well I'm 30 weeks now and I've definitely hit the point of not being able to avoid the baby section in any store I enter.  The other day Chris and I went into Walmart because he needed a belt and some railroad gear, and we were also picking up a box of pasta for my mom.  I was sucked into the baby girl clothes because they are having a huge clearance event, and let's be honest, I can't avoid a clearance section for myself, let alone for my baby girl!!

So we grabbed a few adorable onesies that were super cheap and I wanted to share.  I'm searching for them online and I'll link them below but I highly recommend checking out your local store and shopping in person.  The clearance prices were even cheaper in store (we snagged a couple onesies for only $2 each! and the three-piece outfit was only $5).  And plus selection varies store to store and some items are in low stock which means they're probably not online.  I could have bought so many things, but I restrained myself to a few choices... afterall, we haven't even had a shower yet so I know we'll get lots of clothing!
If you've never shopped Walmart for baby stuff, you may be super surprised at how cute it is!! I have found so many adroable outfits and I'm finding really practical things too, like our crib!  We purchased our crib online and picked it up in store which made it super easy.  I wanted something white and very simple.  I love the one we chose because it had a ton of fabulous reviews online, it was super affordable, it has an extra storage drawer on the bottom (highly needed in our house!) AND it converts into a toddler bed down the road.  We still have to purchase the mattress but I'm really happy with the crib.  It's also very low so I know I won't have any trouble lifting baby girl in and out (I'm short y'all) ;)  I'm planning to finish up a baby registry in the next few days, and while I'm already registered at Buy Buy Baby, I'm also thinking of registering at Walmart.  I'm finding that it's a great go-to for practical, affordable items without the specific "baby store" mark-up.
If you have any suggestions on must-haves for a baby registry PLEASE let me know!!  And have fun browsing the cute clothes we purchased!

Does this diaper make my butt look big? Onesie (can't find online, sorry! Purchased at the Highland Village Walmart)
I love Daddy Onesie (can't find online, sorry! Also purchased at Highland Village)

P.S. If you're a Texas resident, don't forget that this weekend is TAX-FREE WEEKEND!!  It starts tomorrow (Friday August 5) and runs through Sunday.  For a complete list of clothing items, go HERE and don't forget that there are many school supplies that are also tax-free.  

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