Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tula skincare review and referral discount

Ok y'all, Chris got sick last week and it was icky. Kendall picked it up and I was doing alright until bam! Momma is sick. So this is day 2 in bed for me and it. drives. me. nuts.

If you've known me for years (especially in college), you may think I'm crazy to now say I don't like sleeping during the day! But seriously, I've grown very accustomed to my routine over the last year... it's weird for me to not be the first up and know what's happening in the house throughout the day. BUT, it has given me a little extra time to write (thank you hubby for taking care of me and the kid!)... Hence today's post!
I've been meaning to talk about Tula for awhile now. I'm still super new to their products but I love them so far and wanted to share a few of my favorite products and a referral link if you're new to Tula and want to try it out at 20% off! PLUS they're having a special right now and the more you spend the more you get.

I have combination skin (formerly oily but now I get dry patches around the outside of my face). I have also struggled with acne my entire life. I have hormonal breakouts and my skin changes weekly. My skin has also changed since having Kendall since postpartum hormones are, well let's just say SO FUN! lol What my skin needed was balance.

Enter Tula... Basically because I follow a ton of skincare and fashion bloggers and they seem to all be recommending it. Yes, I know lots of bloggers are paid BUT most bloggers really do take a lot of care in only recommending products and working with companies that they truly believe in... That's a blogger's job.

Tula is all about balancing your skin and truthfully it did just that for me! I simply used the Daily Cleanser and the Hydrating Day and Night Cream (while still using some of my other anti-aging products from a different brand) and I really saw a huge improvement in my skin in terms of evening out and not having oily and dry patches. Also, I wash my face twice with cleanser, once with a cleansing brush and again with my fingers because this is how I ensure I get all my makeup off. With some cleansers, the double wash can really dry me out. But not with this Tula cleanser. Double cleansing did not seem too harsh at all!
The very first time I used the hydrating cream I thought it smelled perfumey. It wasn't quite what I was used to so it was just noticeable to me at first... I didn't hate it. I actually liked the smell and it sort of reminded me of my favorite perfume my mom wore when I was younger... But like I said, I just noticed it at first. By day 3 I was totally in love with the smell and absolutely obsessed with this moisturizer! I've never had a moisturizer that I enjoyed just slathering all over my face so much! haha I probably went through the jar much faster than I needed to.
I'm also loving the Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum but I haven't used it a ton yet so I'll talk about that more in depth later. Same with the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. The mask is a clay mask, which I love, because again, oily skin and acne! It's nice and cooling and refreshing on your skin but doesn't over dry.

If you're new to Tula, you can get your purchase 20% off with my referral code! (New customers, $30 min purchase) And remember the more you spend the more you get right now!
Hope y'all are having more fun on this gorgeous Saturday than me!! Although I guess momma shouldn't complain about PJs all day and DVR catch up 😁

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