Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coffee stop

I'm always on the lookout for cute, local places to give my business.  Not that I don't enjoy my starbucks, because I do (let's be honest, I enjoy coffee anywhere... I'm just coffee obsessed!)... but I definitely prefer little local coffee houses, especially within walking distance!  

Casablanca Coffee is an adorable shop, tucked away on 8th street, right off of Throckmorton.  I've admired it for months, but it seemed to be closed every time I walked by... perhaps because I take most of my walks later in the evening, rather than the morning.  But this morning's cool temperatures and overcast skies brought Chris and I out earlier in the morning for a long walk.  Finally, a perfect time to stop in and check it out!! 

Our coffee was delicious, as was the apple turnover that Chris and I split.  I sipped on some black, dark roast, while Chris enjoyed a cappuccino.  According to him, it's the best cappuccino he's ever had... and after tasting, I had to agree that it was right up there with the cups I used to enjoy in Italy, where I first began drinking cappuccinos.  The shop also serves as a small convenience store, offering snacks and drinks.  There's not much seating, but then again, this coffee shop is more of a "pop-in-and-out" place, rather than a "sit-and-sip-for-hours" coffee house, that mostly serves downtown businesses.  However, they do offer free wi-fi and if you're lucky enough to grab a chair, you'd surely feel relaxed and welcome :-)  

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