Friday, August 23, 2013

TCU Frog Chic Fashion Show

Wednesday evening I attended my second Frog Chic Fashion Show, hosted by TCU Alumni & Neiman Marcus Fort Worth.  I fell in love with this event last year and couldn't wait to attend again this year!  True to form, Neimans rolled out the red (or should I say purple?) carpet for us!  The event provided guests with wine & champagne and a yummy array of hors d'oeuvres.  After mixing and mingling, Neiman Marcus held a spectacular fashion show to alert us of the upcoming fall trends.  Before and after the runway show, guests were invited to shop the store, and were especially encouraged to pick up purple pieces for the Frog's football season!  

I have to say, I'm obsessed with just about every trend I saw! Red as a neutral, boy-inspired clothing, mixing and matching geometric prints as well as various animal prints, and rocker meets lace... everything was fabulous! 

I did my best to capture some great photos, but despite my prime seating location next to a break in the chairs, my efforts were somewhat thwarted by the use of my cell phone camera... which is not a bad camera when it gets a chance to focus, but it struggled with the models' movement.  Alas, here's to the upcoming fall season! ...which I'm sure won't actually hit Texas for another 2 months ;-) Can't wait to try out some of these looks!  Which is your fave?? 

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