Friday, October 16, 2015

state fair 2015

"Howdy Folks!"  Welcome to my Texas State Fair post!  I had a BLAST yesterday at the fair with my husband and good friend Amber!  She suggested going this week on her day off, and truthfully I didn't think it was going to happen.  It has been an insane week for me and Chris... lots of changes happening and so much to get done (more on that soon)... so I really didn't think we'd be able to find the time or the funds to make the trek to Dallas.  BUT, we decided to do whatever we could to get things done in the last few days so we could squeeze it in.

I feel like our lives have been all work no play the last two weeks... very "adult" if you will.  And since Chris and I are about to experience big changes (no I'm not pregnant), we needed a fun day!  On top of that, Chris has never been to the State Fair and I really needed to change that.  So the three of us ventured to Dallas late Thursday afternoon and stayed until after dark.  Yes, we shelled out a butt load of money (that's what you have to do to DO anything there) and didn't worry about what we were spending.  I have to say, it was pretty refreshing because I'm not usually like that.  But we did what we wanted and ate what we wanted and it turned out to be SO FUN.  The fact that we attended on a Thursday was a huge plus.  Not only was it not as crowded as weekends, but we also hit on Thrifty Thursday, which was awesome. (There won't be another Thursday this year, since the fair ends this weekend, but take note for next year because it saved us a lot of money!)

A simple "State Fair discounts" google search before we went also provided me with info on parking.  Usually you're shelling out money to park as well... the closer the more expensive obviously.  People also cram on the DART to avoid having to park all together.  But I'm a take your own car kind of girl (control freak says what?!) so the free Pickup Truck parking lot sponsored by Nissan was our God-send!  (read about it HERE, including a map to the lot).  

We also each brought an empty Coca-Cola product (if you don't drink soda, buy a Dasani water and bring that, which is what we did), and got our general admission tickets for only $6!  These were all amazing price hacks that I found in just a few minutes of internet searches.  They don't apply for every day of the week, so make sure you do your own search if you're attending today or this weekend. The two websites I used to help me were Guide Live and Dallas Culturemap 
Chris played skee ball to win me a stuffed animal!  It's pretty amazing when your hubby remembers that you told him no guy has ever won me a stuffed animal in the past, so he makes sure to do so.  Check out my cute little piggy!
Fried foods are a must!  The above is my fried cheesecake and it was delicious.  I also had some fried oreos.  Both left me craving milk like crazy... but I was drinking beer ;-)  This is all, of course, after I already had a Fletcher's corny dog... with mustard... literally within 5 minutes of walking into the fair (do the corny dog first because it's the most important!)
We rode the SkyWay which is basically like an inclosed ski lift.  I'm terrified of heights but can handle it better in something enclosed.  This is an awesome way to get from one end of the fair to the other, with a perfect birds eye view along the way.
We did also ride the ferris wheel.  Unfortunately this isn't very pleasant for me, but I have been on it before so I knew that I'm capable.  You get amazing views of Dallas, and if you time it just right, like we did (go us!) you can watch a killer Texas sunset.  Even though you're in a cage, the wind is blowing all around you, which makes me feel like I can fall.  LOL so I basically sat and stared in one direction, with a few slight turns of my head to see the skyline and views around us.  Can't help it... HATE heights... so my pictures aren't great and I definitely didn't stick my camera outside the cage to get any non-cage photos.  But whatever, I did it ;-)
My brilliant butt didn't charge my phone at all yesterday, so after a few hours of pictures and snapchats (username: TX.Sass), my phone died.  We did eat more food, drink more beer, watched the parade, walked around the livestock and pet cute animals, and overall enjoyed a beautiful evening!  I'm so happy that we did everything we could this week to make sure we added the fair to our schedule.  I have some great memories and I was really happy to be with my husband on his first trip there!  

Make sure y'all head to the fair today or some time this weekend!  It's the last weekend (it goes WAY too fast!) so don't miss it!

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