Tuesday, October 27, 2015

plaid twins: life lately

So the other day I sat down and wrote a really long, personal post... and then I never posted it!  I'm not sure exactly why, except that I felt I just wrote too much and it'd probably be boring to a lot of people.  But now that it's a few days later, I'm realizing that it was more of a release than a "share with the world" kind of thing.

My husband calls me a writer.  Usually, I don't really feel that's accurate.  Sharing outfit details and food pictures doesn't so much make me feel like a professional writer.  But for the first time (besides my childhood diary), I actually sat and wrote the other day, just for me.  I thought I'd share it but now I know that I won't.  Because it just made me feel better.  And it wasn't a bunch of bitching or anything, just a lot about changes and my career choices based on my personality, and things that I've been struggling with.  

So without getting into all of the dirty details, I'll give y'all the gist.  Life is changing lately and even though it's hard, it's definitely for the best.  My husband has a new job and is currently gone for job training.  He is making a change from a job in downtown Fort Worth that he could walk to, to an over hour commute, with an uncertain schedule.  So my time with him is being drastically cut and he will be making a huge sacrifice by driving far and being on the road.  This is hard for me because he is definitely my best friend and someone I enjoy spending all of my time with.

But I've been working hard on being more independent and making sure I'm doing things I enjoy.  I struggle with social anxieties and basically, this is my time to shine and step out of my comfort zone.  So I'm working hard on concentrating on my blog, and I want to go back to doing a lot of my art, which just makes me super happy.  So hopefully I get my stuff together with my arts and crafts and open that little Etsy shop I've been "planning" to open for oh, probably a year and a half!

In addition to bringing back old hobbies, I'm also branching out into the new.  I joined a social group called Circle Seven Five, and although they are based in Dallas, I have really enjoyed venturing out and meeting new girls.  I've only attended a few things so far, but I can already tell that this group of girls is amazing and exactly what I need.  I love the way they operate, their attitude and beliefs, and they host adorable, fun events!  So I'm looking forward to continuing with this group and using my down time while Chris is gone to enjoy more girl time!

So basically, my schedule is changing a lot and I'm doing my best to go with the flow.  It's extremely important to me to be supportive of my husband, because I already know this change will be so positive for him.  For me it's a little unpleasant and difficult at first (I miss him like crazy!) but I know that a good attitude will get me through!  Before Chris left, we did our best to spend some quality time together (see my State Fair post) and since he's been gone, I've had some great girl time, lots of me time, and family time as well.  I feel very blessed to have loving family and friends around me while we make a big transition.  I'm looking forward to pouring even more into my blog and developing new friendships with a lot of bloggers and CSF party girls!

Before Chris left for training, we accidentally dressed exactly alike for church one day!  My parents took some pictures of us in all of our adorableness!  We even threw a bandana on Mr. Wilbur and snapped some photos with him too.  I love this man more than anything!!  We joked about him looking like Mike Heck (does anyone else watch The Middle??!  It's really funny if you don't) but overall, I think my man looks damn sexy in flannel! ;-)  Our outfit details are below
My plaid shirt (old) similar and similar // Boot Skirt (I'm wearing petite size 2) // 
Belt & Clutch (estate sale finds) similar and similar //
All of Chris' clothes are from Dickies

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