Tuesday, November 10, 2015

happy birthday marines!

First of all, let me say, that being married to a Marine is probably the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to me.  Chris and I knew each other in high school, even though we never dated back then.  Knowing him back then and knowing him now, I can tell you that there are many similarities like his sense of humor and being so outgoing and friendly... but now it's like a better version of the goofy high school prankster that I flirted with.

What I've learned so far in our life together is that Marines are the most loyal men you could possible know.  Have you heard "Semper Fi"?  Do you actually know what it means?  It means always faithful or always loyal.  Marines don't just say this willy nilly... they mean it.  I believe the Marines are a brotherhood like no other branch of the military.  Marrying a Marine changed my life, absolutely for the better.  Chris has taught me so much about loyalty and selflessness and hard work.  He is the hardest working man I've ever seen and I'm so grateful for that.  

When we got married, his groomsmen that are Marines took the time to make a speech and welcome me to the family.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me.  We chose not to have Marine formalities in our wedding... Chris didn't wear his uniform and I didn't walk underneath the swords or anything like that.  That was a hard decision for us and something we went back and forth on for a long time while wedding planning.  I think, if I'm being honest, I wanted that so I could show him off.  I am SO proud of my husband and his accomplishments and his bravery.  Even though he's no longer active, I basically like shouting from the rooftops that I married a Marine.  But another thing I've learned about Marines is that they don't do it for the glory; they don't brag; they don't show off their metals; they don't tell everyone in passing that they are a Marine.  There is a quiet pride and it's not important to them that everyone knows what they've done.  That's amazing to me.  Because let's be honest, I think it is human instinct to want to be recognized for your accomplishments.  But not him and not the other Marines I know.  Everything they've ever done is because they know what's RIGHT and what's IMPORTANT.  They fight for others and they fight for freedom and that's it.  I don't think I understood that at first, but now I really do.  Marines are the epitome of what God has intended: men fighting for what's right and doing what's right, whether anyone else is looking or paying attention.

I am in awe of my husband; the number of awards and metals he has won, the battles he has fought, the injuries he has sustained.  He is the most amazing and interesting person I have ever met.  Sometimes during a regular day it'll hit me... this man married me; this man loves me; this man is loyal to me... and I can't even believe it.  I struggled in my 20s and dated some total losers and look where I am now.  I am blessed beyond words.  I have a man I couldn't have even dreamed up.  Our life is not perfect and not without battles, but I have a man who not only loves me unconditionally, but has taught me more about the world and what it means to be loyal and do right than I ever thought possible.  I hope and pray that I can be as good of a person as he is; that I can love all people around me and sacrifice myself on a daily basis for the greater good.  Because that is what he has taught me.  You do good no matter who is watching.  You work hard no matter who is watching or what you might get in return.  

Once I married a Marine, I started noticing just how many other Marines are out there.  I notice stickers on cars all the time now when I'm driving.  I notice mannerisms of men that I pass on the street or see in stores and restaurants.  I notice that there are Marines everywhere, going unnoticed.  And now I notice that there are so many that don't mind going unnoticed because they feel it's not about them.  That's amazing.  Marines are amazing.  

Happy 240th birthday Marine Corps!  America will never fully understand how blessed we are to have you all.  I, myself, am still wrapping my head around it.  But I do know how proud I am to be a Marine wife, especially a Marine combat veteran's wife.  My husband is my world.  God has blessed me beyond words.

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