Wednesday, December 2, 2015

go-to faves

I feel like I've been on-the-go for weeks straight!  I know everyone's schedule gets hectic this time of year, but I feel like I've been bouncing around all over the place.  With Thanksgiving, my brother's birthday, family time, my Mary Kay business and my married life, I've had a lot on my plate.  Today I'm taking a quick moment to show you two go-to items lately.

This red sweater has seen multiple occasions recently.  I've worn it to church, Thanksgiving dinner, and a holiday open house in the past week and a half! The sweater is Cynthia Rowley and was a gift to me awhile ago so I don't know where it was purchased.  I did find a few new ones on ebay if you're interested!  You can find a size medium HERE and HERE (sorry I'm not seeing another size; I'm wearing a size XS if that helps).  I love that it is lightweight (Merino Wool) but also long enough to wear over leggings or skinny jeans.  This would make a perfect sweater for the holidays!  It has a slight orange undertone so I feel like it works on more people's skin than some other reds.  Here's another similar option in cashmere and it's on sale!

My other favorite item lately is my new tumbler.  It's really easy to get dehydrated in the winter months, simply because I gravitate more towards hot beverages like coffee.  But when I carry a tumbler around with me all day, I'm much more likely to keep up on my water intake.  It's important to be drinking tons of water, even in the cold.  This Kate Spade Gold Polka Dot Tumbler  is super cute and affordable!  It makes a fantastic gift!

I'm really feeling the Christmas cheer!!  How are y'all doing now that it's December?  Next up for me is our tree and decorations!  I've been gone too much lately to get it done yet but my home is aching for some Christmas!

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