Monday, December 21, 2015

life skill: goal posters and vision boards

As we approach the end of 2015 and head into a new year, I just wanted to share a quick life skill that I think could make your new-year-transition the best yet!  Making new years resolutions is great and all but how many people actually follow through?  Do you think it's because people are lazy?  Or just get too busy?  Do you think people set unrealistic expectations for themselves?  

I personally think it's none of the above, but rather, a lack of a clear vision on how those goals or changes are going to be accomplished.  The world has plenty of room for spontaneity, however, in my opinion, truly successful and happy people are those that don't mind spending some time planning.

So today I'm talking about vision boards or goal posters... whatever you'd like to call them.  I am most definitely a visual person and I was first taught this skill in my Mary Kay training (God bless Mary Kay!! for real y'all).  Having visual reminders as to what you really want to accomplish is a huge step in actually accomplishing those goals.  Have you ever made a vision board?  The further into Mary Kay I've gotten, the more I've realized that this is a skill that so many people I look up to have honed. 

Making a vision board or goal poster really is simple, but it requires spending a little time with yourself.  How often to spend some quiet time with yourself?  Do you have a time of day set aside for "me" time?  Do you wake up every morning and remind yourself what your goals are for that day?  for that week?  for the month?  for the year?  Do you ever feel like me... waking up one day to realize months have passed and you haven't achieved a goal you really wanted to?  It takes planning!  Dreams don't just happen.  Sorry y'all... there isn't a fairy godmother waiting to randomly bless us one day with everything we want.  Successful people WORK; they plan; they try; sometimes they come up short; they learn lessons and they try again.  Do you know what you really want?  Not what some else wants for you, but what you really want?  

It took me 30 years to figure out my goals because until recently I never took the time to think for myself.  Sometimes in life you just get set on a path and you may not stop and examine it and whether it's taking you where you really want to go.  So I'm encouraging everyone to spend a little time with yourself over the next few weeks.  Yes, I realize that's hard with holidays and family and friends, but if your dreams are important to you, you'll make it a priority.

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?  Do you have a vision of something you'd like to do?  A place you'd like to visit?  A vacation you'd like to take?  An item you'd love to buy for yourself?  What do you want in your personal life?  More time with friends and family?  More friends?  More social activities?  Do you have a credit card you're determined to pay off?  Or a book you're dying to fit in?  Think about personal goals, relationship goals, travel goals, work goals... what do you really want?  

Now how can you represent those things in a visual way?  Flipping through magazines and cutting out words or pictures is a great way to get started!  Maybe you can get a little creative and draw something on your own.  It doesn't matter what it looks like... this is for you and no one else!  What speaks to you?  What words motivate you?  Do you have favorite quotes?  If you don't want to hand letter, then type out some motivational words on your computer and print them.  I guarantee you can google just about anything and find a picture to represent it! 

Now find a board... a poster board, a bulletin board, an extra sheet of paper, the side of a cardboard box... whatever!  And start pasting.  There's no wrong way to do this; everyone is different.  Whatever you do, you'll want to place it somewhere in your home where you are guaranteed to see it every day.  Maybe by your nightstand so it's the first thing you see in the morning.  Or next to your coffee pot.  Or on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator.  This won't do you any good unless it's something you look at every day, multiple times per day.

It's easy to get caught up in life and others and so many people forget their own dreams.  When you find a way to put it in front of you, you're more likely to work on a plan to accomplish those dreams.  And yes, you must spend the time to come up with a plan of action as well.  You can't just slap some pretty pictures on a board and stand there staring at it, waiting for something to happen.  Break your big goals down into tiny goals.  Saving for a year-end vacation?  What is your weekly goal of money to save?  Break it down to manageable goals and celebrate yourself when you accomplish them.  Little victories along the way will take you far!  If you miss a goal, don't beat yourself up!  Shake it off, remember that you are human, and set your new goal and try again!  

As I mentioned in the beginning, this is something that I learned in Mary Kay.  We often have meetings to make our goal posters and then we share them with each other.   What I love about it is that we set goals not only for our own businesses, but just for our life in general.  Vision boards/ goal posters are a life skill.  And it doesn't matter what goals people set, we celebrate each other and encourage each other.  Sharing your dreams with others can be scary sometimes, but it's important to hold yourself accountable.  Use your trusted family and friends as encouragement.  Share what you'd like to accomplish, and have them ask you about it every once in awhile.  Find a friend or group that you know has positive thinking skills... someone you know isn't going to make you feel bad if you happen to not reach a milestone.  Sharing is amazing, but you must always be careful and guard your dreams.... don't let anyone tell you they're silly or unattainable.  

I will be more than happy to share my goal poster in the beginning of 2016, after I've made it!  I am busy brainstorming everything I want! (how fun?! sky is the limit y'all!)  This morning on instagram I noticed that a favorite female entrepreneur of mine was talking vision boards!  If you are a fellow #girlboss, I highly encourage you to go follow Master Life Coach Cara Alwill Leyba (@TheChampagneDiet) and see the start to her latest vision board!  You can also see her explaining it on her snapchat (@GlitterGutsGlam).  She is a fabulous lady to follow!!  Remember, it's SO important to seek out positive women to look up to.  Cara definitely is one of those women and I love following all of her social media as well as picking up her books!

I'd love to hear some of your goals for the new year!  What are you hoping to accomplish in your career?  What about your personal life?  Any relationship goals?!  Remember, achieving goals is more than just hashtagging a picture with #goals (lol don't worry, I do it too)!!  Get a vision, make a plan, work your plan every day, and celebrate your progress!  Share some of your goals in the comments below!

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