Saturday, October 21, 2017

Arts goggle today!

Arts Goggle is happening today! This is definitely one of my favorite events of the year. I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the best things about Fort Worth is a small-town feel with a ton of cultural events and a plethora of talented locals (yeah I just used the word plethora, my husband would be so proud... We're big Three Amigo fans haaa). And usually a lot of those events are free, including today's Arts Goggle in the Near Southside.

This is an event I've been attending for a few years now but it is the first year we will be attending as near Southside residents! We've lived in Fairmount for over a year now but unfortunately we weren't able to go last year. I actually have a little bit of a funny story about that.

Last year Arts Goggle was a couple weeks earlier than it is this year. I had it marked on our calendar and was ready to go and walk there from our new house, even though at that time of the event I would be 39 weeks pregnant. Well unfortunately my doctor had different plans for me and after a very complicated few weeks of not knowing when I was going to give birth, whether my husband was going to be there, trying to turn my baby around (haha yeah right, I have a very stubborn girl!) and just not knowing what exactly was going to happen, my c-section was scheduled for the Friday right before Arts Goggle. *sigh*

So I had Kendall on Friday and while we were in the hospital over the weekend, we got to listen to the live music from our hospital room. (My hospital is right down the street). I joked to Kendall that I guessed she was a good enough reason to miss Arts Goggle LOL
But this year, oh I am NOT missing this year. Kendall and I will be strolling Magnolia later 😊 If you see me, be sure to stop me and say HEY!! Arts Goggle starts at noon today and goes to 10pm. You can read all about it HERE! I recommend going earlier in the day because we are supposed to be getting some storms later tonight. Plus you'll want to be home (or duck into one of the amazing restaurants or bars on Magnolia) in time to catch the TCU football game anyway! Go Frogs! This is an example of a true "Fort Worth" weekend... People supporting people, locals showcasing a variety of talents, community coming together and FUN things to do! I ❤ Fort Worth!

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