Friday, September 28, 2012

National Coffee Day!

There's only a few things in life that I love so much I can't go without... coffee is one of those things! My journey with coffee began in college when, like many college students I needed to stay awake late & pull all-nighters to study & finish projects... so thankfully Frog Bites at TCU (does this still exist? TCU has changed so much since my old ass was there! But I digress.. ) had a Starbucks station where I indulged in Caramel Macchiatos. From macchiatos... to cappuccinos in Italy when I studied abroad... to coffee with cream & sugar... to coffee with one cream... to straight up gimme black because I can't handle any of your flavor or foofy nonsense... my taste has changed but one thing has remained the same... I LOVE COFFEE!!
Saturday September 29 is National Coffee Day! I'm sure there are tons of free coffee deals out there... here's one for you if you don't feel like searching on your own! Everyone should enjoy a great cup of coffee & a donut on a Saturday morning! :-)

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