Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our newest addition to the fam!

Some might think the next step for me and Chris would have been getting engaged... well, we took a different step first, on our OWN path... maybe it's not what people were expecting, but that's what Chris and I are like ;-) We don't ever do anything the easy, expected way, and it's one of the things I love most about our relationship. And one of the best things about Chris is that he always reminds me to follow my heart <3
We took a stroll through the Austin Pets Alive animal shelter 2 days ago, just for fun. We spent most of the time looking at the dogs, actually... but I had to make a stop in the cat house before they closed for the day. So in we went... and stayed for quite awhile. I could love every one of those kitties! I will never understand people that don't like cats... frankly I find it kind of gross how mean people are about cats. I love dogs and I want one in the future... but for me and my condo living, I won't do that to a dog. So for now, my soft spot for kitties is all that I am entertaining. And I really believe if more people spent time looking at sweet rescue cats, they'd realize they make amazing pets because they DO seek your affection. Cats are awesome... so smart and so loving, despite what some people think. And if you think cats are mean or temperamental, I'd love you to meet this new little guy! He is the most chill kitty in the world, with a purr that rumbles his whole little body.
Welcome to the family, Raider! Daddy and I love you! Remember to stand your ground when you meet the Kuj! She's tough, but not quite as bad as every one else makes her out to be :-) Hopefully you will be great kitty friends!

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