Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RIP Abner

We lost a great dog this morning... RIP little Abner. You were such a sweetheart.
Abner was a rescue... not from a shelter but only by the grace of Chris' heart. Chris knew of this dog in the neighborhood and knew it was being abused. He and his parents brought this pup back to life and helped him go from a scared, shaky, starving puppy to a healthy dog (or as healthy as possible) with an amazing personality. As soon as he realized he was part of the fam, the personality came out!
I will always miss seeing your little head pop up from behind the bed, or the sofa, like a gopher. I will miss seeing you start shit with 3 dogs twice your size and having the time of your life teasing them. I will miss seeing you snuggled in your doggie pjs because you didn't have enough weight to keep yourself warm. I'm not going to lie... i won't miss you accidentally stomping all over my feet, because it hurt! But I will miss that excitement and joy that caused you to romp around the room and spin in circles!
You brought a lot of joy to the family in the time you were with us, Abner, and I just hope the only doggie memories you have in doggie heaven are of your amazing family that loved you and wanted you so badly to have a good life. You never deserved any of the bad stuff in the beginning from those other people; No person, no dog, no cat, no one deserves the way you were treated. But I hope the last couple of years with the fam did something to make your life better. You were such a good dog and I hate that I didn't get to say goodbye. RIP little gopher.

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