Saturday, September 8, 2012

The return of tailgating!

Ah, it's finally that time of year again! Bust out the koozies and coolers, the burgers and brats, and of course the beer!'s football season and that means tailgating!! I know this is my favorite time of year, how about you? Texans are big on their football, and this year is super exciting for me and all fellow Horned Frogs as we enter the Big 12! Go Frogs!

No matter who your team is, we all love the tailgating and we spend countless hours in the sun, roasting in hot parking lots or fields. While that may not phase guys so much, the ladies love to keep up appearances while keeping up with the drinking. So here's my favorite Mary Kay products to help you look great and protect yourself from the elements... dresses, cowboy boots and hats sold separately ;-)

Products shown:
1. Mary Kay broad spectrum sunscreen spf 30 (also available spf 50)
2. Mary Kay after-sun replenishing gel
3. Mary Kay hand and decollete cream spf 15
4. Mary Kay foundation primer spf 15
5. Mary Kay tinted moisturizer spf 20
6. Mary Kay Oil-Free eye makeup remover (tip: fab for getting off those temporary team tattoos in addition to your eye makeup!)
7. Mary Kay compact mini (perfect size to fit your pocket or any purse even wristlets! customizable to your team colors or even fits powder or foundation for touch-ups)
8. Mary Kay mint-bliss foot & leg lotion + Mary Kay fragrance-free hand cream (perfect to pamper your dry, tired feet and hands, or how about the perfect unique hostess gift to the tailgate host/hostess!)
9. Mary Kay lash love mascara waterproof

So, happy return of football and tailgating! Stay safe from the sun; don't forget the sunscreen! Tailgate responsibily ;-) And GO FROGS!!

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