Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beer lovers rejoice!

Last night Chris and I decided we needed some Tie Thai for dinner!  Haha shocking, I know... we're not there every week or anything :-) As we walked down the street, we passed the newest bar on the Houston Street strip, which I've been eyeing for awhile now... The Brass Tap.  Have you seen it?  Well, guess what... they're ready to open! 

Beer lovers rejoice!! This place has the biggest selection I've ever seen!  I mean, this is no joke... taps galore... and refrigerator after refrigerator of bottles and cans.  On top of the ridiculous selection, the owners were also ridiculously nice!  Yeahhh we kind of just popped our heads into the bar... hey, the door was open :-)   We had the pleasure of speaking with them for awhile, and they even let us taste a beer... of course, now I'm forgetting which one.
We were also told about their private Facebook party this Saturday night! Ooh la la ;-)  If you're interested in attending, you have to stop by the Brass Tap and pick up an invite this week...  they're extremely limited!! Check out the details on their facebook page!  I hope to see you there Saturday night!  Let's welcome this amazing beer-lover-bar to the neighborhood!

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