Thursday, March 20, 2014

MRS. Texas Sass ;-)

If you didn't already know... I'm now a MARRIED woman!! It's weird, I know ;-) And just like everyone tells you, it flies by faster than you could ever imagine.  I keep catching myself staring at photos of me in my dress, and of all my girls and all the decor and of course, my handsome hubby... and I just want to do it all over again!!

I received an abundance of compliments on our wedding... and yes, I'm here to brag that I planned it ALL.  No wedding planner for this girl!! BUT I did have a couple of key people that helped me pull this off and it seriously wouldn't have happened without them!!!  

My floral designs came from Nicole Smedley Event Designs.  Nicole went above and beyond not only with the flowers but also with tons of tiny details to fill in our tables.  I knew as soon as I met Nicole that she had a huge talent and ability to stay focused on the details.  I am a detail person... and I knew I needed very detailed vendors.  If you're planning a wedding, choose vendors that have similar personalities as you.  Because if you care about that tiny little candle holder looking just right, you better pick a vendor that also cares about that tiny little candle holder.  And Nicole was the detailed perfectionist I needed!  

From the very beginning, I showed Nicole some photos from pinterest of table settings and florals I loved.  I even showed her a picture of a specific table cloth I wanted, and a few days later, she had set up an appointment with vendors in the Dallas Design District and took me shopping for my linens! (P.S. I can't tell you how happy this made me.  My background is in Interior Design and I used to spend almost every day shopping the showrooms in Dallas... and I miss it! So this day of shopping took me back and made me feel like I was shopping exactly where I needed to be!  No mediocre linens and design for this Interior Decorator!!) Nicole went so far beyond what you'd expect and she helped me hunt down the exact look I was going for.  And guess what... I can't tell you how many "oh wows" we got over those linens and floral!!

The other huge helper I need to acknowledge and thank is Joanne from the T&P Tavern and Ritzz Catering and Events.  Joanne was my day-of coordinator, as well as handling all of the bar service and appetizers.  But her job was most definitely not limited to helping me on the day-of... she was a integral part of this process and our wedding seriously wouldn't have happened without her!  Joanne coordinated every single vendor delivery and pickup, as well as giving me planning advice throughout. She's the person that noticed all the little details about serving dinner and helped me with final counts and making sure I had rented everything necessary.  She was on her feet for DAYS straight helping me, as well as speaking with all the other vendors to make sure all of my bases were covered.  She is simply AMAZING and I can't even say how much I appreciate her help! 

I will say that I was blessed from above with so many loving people that were dedicated to making our day special.. and it was just that... the most special day I could have asked for!  Our photographer snapped over 1200 pictures and I can't wait to see them!! Until then, I just wanted to take a moment today to say thank you to everyone that helped, especially Nicole and Joanne, for their hard work and focus on making our wedding just the way I pictured it!  

I will have many, many more pictures to come, as well as many more details on the decor and more vendors!  But for today, I just wanted to say thank you and share a couple of details with you (see below)!  I hope you enjoy this sneak peak and I can't wait to share more!

Hey... that's my handsome HUSBAND Chris ;-)  And you can call me Mrs. from now on! CHEERS!


  1. Just beautiful! I love your dress! Looking forward to the rest of the pictures! And the sash is just gorgeous! Toatally compliments the dress and you

    1. Thanks so much!! I loved the sash too! When I was trying on dresses, that sash made every single dress look better! It was a beautiful detail. Thanks for the compliments!