Sunday, April 6, 2014

color POP

This outfit is SO simple.  But that's also why I like it so much.  These are some of the easiest, most plain pieces in my closet... but everything POPS when you put them together.

I can remember having obsessions with these color schemes since I was a little girl... what? It's totally normal to think of color schemes when you're in Elementary School, right?! Well it was... for me... just like drawing floor plans of my future mansions was normal.  I'm a girl that belongs in design!

But really... black and white, I'll always love.  I love contrast.  I love bold.  Which is probably why I love blue, purple and pink together so much.  Many people would pick one of those as an accent color.  Not me.  I put them all together, all the time.  There's something really girly about the combo and I love it.  And I think as long as the tones are rich (more like jewel tones), you can definitely pull it off as an adult look.  I kept everything solid... no crazy patterns mixed in or anything like that.... so you can really just appreciate the bold colors and the individual pieces.
What do you think?  Looking back, I think the only change I would make is adding a statement necklace.  I love the stacking of beaded bracelets, but I feel like I could have done more with jewelry.
And while we're on accessories... let me please mention my Dooney crossbody bag because I'm obsessed!! This was a special prize I earned through Mary Kay... so, sorry! unfortunately you can't find or buy it!
Surprise! There's HOT PINK inside! 
{Sources: Blue skinny jeans, Black tank & White button-up shirt are all from Target; Purple Suede Pumps are Guess; Pink Belt was a gift}

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend! Put some color in your clothes since it's so gloomy outside! 

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