Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Date Night

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!! Do you have anything special planned? I'm honestly not sure what the hubby and I will be doing (that's his job, right? Haha) But whatever it is, I'm super excited about my dress!! I have never bought a "Valentine's" outfit before and I wasn't planning to this year, but I had a gift card and did some shopping a few weeks ago and fell in love with this bargain from Last Call Neiman Marcus. 

This dress is French Connection and is unfortunately sold out online. I guess that's the price you pay sometimes when at a "last call" store... but seriously it was such a deal that I couldn't pass it up! I don't have much red in my wardrobe. I do love the color, I've just never considered it a go-to for myself. But I love the bold shade of this dress, the comfortable fabric (side panels have some stretch) and the fact that this may be the first dress to give me proper cleavage LOL!!

What I really want to share is my love for combining PURPLE with red!!

My only pops of purple are the shoes and my eye makeup. I don't want the purple to compete, only compliment. I remember one time a long while ago when I was watching some decorating/wedding planning show... no clue what show... but there was a challenge to do red and purple as wedding scheme colors. The reason this sticks out in my mind is that one of the planners freaked out saying red and purple didn't go and she didn't know how to do that. I found this SO weird. Don't go?? Yes sweetie, they do!!
If you don't know already, most of my background is in art. I have an artist mother and grew up in the art world. I also have a degree in Interior Design. So needless to say, I've spent my fair share of time around a color wheel. Red and purple don't just "go", they look extraordinary together because they are analogous colors (adjacent on the color wheel). Purple is actually my favorite color to combine with red.
I love heart jewelry. I know not every girl is a fan but I think it's super sweet and girly and I love that. This necklace is an Artistique Pendant with Swarovski elements and it was a gift from my hubby for Christmas 2 years ago (from Kohls)

My makeup is all Mary Kay of course. The eye pallet I used is Mary Kay at Play Baked Eye Trio in color "On the Horizon". This is my favorite eye makeup piece because it gives you three colors in one case and there's a more reddish purple as well as a bluish purple. I've also layered Mary Kay Black Gel Eyeliner and winged it out for a slight cat eye flair. My lipstick is "Apple Berry"
I wanted color but didn't want to completely overdue it. Anyone else's man love them way more WITHOUT makeup??? I'm a pretty lucky gal... Chris always tells me I'm beautiful no matter what... and even loves me more in no makeup and HIS clothes probably more than he loves this... although I will say, he was staring at me quite a lot in this outfit!! Mission accomplished!
I'm a big bag gal... but not on Valentine's!! All a girl needs is a simple clutch. This one was a gift to me so not sure where it's from but it's super inexpensive. I love that it's simply a darker shade of red. Usually I love mixing multiple colors but I like the simple all red and purple look. I also love the texture... and it doesn't matter if it's small, you just need a lipstick for touch-ups and that's really it! 
These earrings were purchased as an option for my wedding because Art Deco is my favorite. I love the sparkle and the way they move. They're also from Kohls.

These purple pumps are from Guess and I've had them for quite awhile. I love that the suede gives another texture.
Next time you put on your red, try pairing it with some purple!! It helps if the purple sides toward magenta and other reddish purples, like these pumps. And since red and purple are both on the bold side, keep your accessories more "neutral" and simple. I kept my jewelry to a minimum and made sure that is was all one metal tone. 

If you're still looking for a last minute Valentine's Day look, head to your local Last Call Neiman Marcus!! I am always finding amazing pieces there. Plus they're having a great sale this weekend with an extra 10% off pieces that are already up to 30% off!! 

I hope that you have a super blessed day full of love and laughter!! I hope that even if you don't have a significant other to celebrate with, that you'll grab a friend or friends or family member and go out and celebrate. I love this holiday because it reminds me to love others the way my Father in Heaven unconditionally loves me!! We are called to LOVE.  Instead of griping that it's a greeting card holiday, just tell someone you love them. Or go tell a stranger they look beautiful! 

Have a blessed Valentine's Day y'all!! I love you and am so thankful for you reading and following along!

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