Thursday, May 14, 2015

History with a Twist recap

A few weeks ago Chris and I were honored to attend a great Dallas event called History with a Twist.  It was a fabulous 1920s charity event held at Dallas Heritage Village.  Today I wanted to share a few of my photos! (sorry they're not the best quality, I only took cell phone pics)  

I threw together my outfit the day of, just hours before leaving!  So I'm actually pretty impressed with myself for feeling so 20s... especially my hair... which I pulled out of my ass first try after staring at pinterest pics for about an hour.  And it only took me like 2 hours LOL! Hey! Have you seen how much hair I have?  

I took a trip over to Uptown Cheapskate to search for the perfect outfit... something with sparkle... and luckily found this Forever 21 dress!  It's like it was just sitting there waiting for me.  The pattern of sequins really made it feel art deco and I was happy with the length and the fact that the silver sequins bring your focus up to the face.   I was also able to find a few blingy necklaces that would add to the layers of pearls I already had at home.  The 20s look is all about layering the sparkle, especially pearls and multiple necklaces.  I even purchased my headband at Uptown!  Talk about a one-stop shop!  I literally found everything I needed to add to my accessories at home for an entire outfit!
Me trying to take a behind-the-head hair selfie in the car... because like I said, it took me so long we had to rush out and we still arrived after the event started (oops!)  Well, minus that one rouge strip of hair, I think I did pretty damn well considering I suck at curling my own hair and just tucked my ridiculous amount of hair into the headband!  Only problem was that I have SO much hair and it's so thick that the headband ended up being really tight around my head and I had a killer headache all night long.  That was pretty crappy.  But I kept my hair up because I was damned if all that work would go to waste!!  Plus, unfortunately it was humid and my curls just wouldn't have stayed if I let my hair down.  Booo!  Oh yeah, more sequins on my bag!

Dallas Heritage Village is basically a historic village with adorable old buildings including houses, a bank, a general store, and a saloon.  Having never been here before, Chris and I spent a few minutes walking the property.  Despite the recent rain and humidity (and tons of mosquitos!) it was a beautiful night for a stroll around town with my man.  I loved the way they lit up the main street and had everyone dining and dancing under the stars.  The blue light on the fountain made it look magical. 
The hubby really enjoys me making him take selfies ;-)
These two were killing it on the dance floor!
Gatsby quotes in the bathroom
There was a live auction as well as silent auction to benefit the Dallas Heritage Village.  I'm checking out all the silent auction items
Bathroom selfie... come on, you expected it!  Holding my arm up to show my Flash Tats!  I'm kind of obsessed with these foil tattoos.  Guess where I got them?  HA!  Uptown!  That store rocks my world because I was actually going to stop at another store to purchase some, but then Uptown had them at their checkout!  Booya!  And they also had cool ones with feathers... totally went with my outfit and they looked so cute!
Loved that they had a photo booth too!  These four pictures are by The Blue Booth.  The entire photo booth album can be viewed here.  They were really sweet!

Period music by Singapore Slingers
Signature Cocktails by noted Dallas mixologist Brian McCullough of The Standard Pour

It was a beautiful night and gorgeous event!
My dress is no longer available but I have a few 20s inspired favorites from Forever 21!  If I had planned ahead of time better, I probably would have ordered this dress! I also really love this onethis one, and obsessed with this one.  This dress is a stunning bronze and very art deco!
The 1920s is my favorite time period!  I just love the fashion so much because everything is layered and sparkly and overdone.  I love the bling!  How do you like this look?

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