Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spot On: Dalmatian Print

Spot On: Dalmatian Print
I'm no stranger to animal print! In my world, it is a neutral and I love mixing multiple animal prints!!  I've also been known to sport the less popular animal prints... can I get a what what for cow print?! Because I was sporting that in high school (and still own an awesome jacket that I've never seen on anyone else)

I feel like I don't see a whole lot of dalmatian print, but I'm predicting that soon you'll be able to find a lot more!  Why do I love it?  It's a simple animal print in both color and pattern.  If you like black and white (or if you're obsessed like me) and/or polka dots, this is a super easy animal print to pull off.  Dalmatian print gives you the irregular, organic pattern of an animal print while keeping the simplicity of dots.

If you're not a head-to-toe animal print girl, no problem!  Try adding it in a few accessories like a clutch or jewelry, or just your shoes.  This is a super easy pattern to add into any outfit since it's black and white.  If you're really loving the print, try adding it to your home decor for some sassy splashes!  I'm kind of obsessed with the toss pillows and shower curtain.

I love a good cheetah or leopard print but I think Dalmatian is SO in!  I've linked these super cute items {click the thumbnails to shop}  What's your favorite?  Do you own anything dalmatian print?  

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