Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Clearance Maxi

I feel like I haven't been shopping in forever!  My husband probably loves that LOL... not me!  But when you have Kohls cash, you don't pass it up!  Especially on a holiday weekend with a ton of sales!  So last Friday I ventured to Kohls, one of my favorite stores, with the goal of finding something new that was red, white and blue.  I did purchase a cute American flag shirt, which you may have seen on my instagram HERE and HERE, but that wasn't all I bought (shocker!!)

In addition to $10 Kohls cash, I had two email coupons for $5 each so I browsed both the women's section and the juniors' (don't hate, I shop both! Especially since the juniors' is often way cheaper and super trendy).  I didn't find much that I was dying over, but I did take some time to peruse the clearance racks and found a really cute Lily Rose Halter Maxi Dress in the juniors'.

I will be shooting this dress later to show more detail but since it's a clearance item and may not last long, I wanted to go ahead and link it.  I'm seeing all sizes still available on the website!  I purchased it in XS... which tells me it runs a little large because I will be honest, I am definitely not always the smallest size in the Juniors' department!! Another thing to note, this dress is really long.  I tried it on barefoot and it was definitely touching the floor.  I will have to wear it with wedges for sure or it will be dragging on the ground!  
I will be swapping out the belt, I think.  I really hate the cheapo plastic belts that come attached to outfits!! I do, however, like the look of having a braided belt in this situation.  The dress does weight itself down, so a skinny belt doesn't hold it up much, unless you pull it really tight.  If you're concerned with the length, I suggest swapping the belt for something tighter, maybe something with elastic and much thicker, to hold it in place a little better.
Another thing to note: the website photo does not do the colors of this dress justice AT ALL.  I actually had to double check the dress tag in person after searching online because my first reaction was that they were not the same dress.  The colors on the website look rather dull... they are much more vibrant in person!!  You can note the dress color option on the website... yes it is FUCHSIA/BLUE.  The colors really don't show online.  Hopefully my quick pictures show it better, and once I shoot this look in daylight, I think it will really show!  If I had been shopping online, I don't think I would have ever picked this dress.  But in person, it is much prettier and more "summery" looking, in my opinion.  

You can shop this dress HERE.  I'm guessing that the markdown probably varies based on quantity available, since the website is showing a price range..?  Even at it's original price, this beauty is very affordable.  If you'd like to find your nearest store to shop in person, you can do that HERE.   

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