Saturday, September 2, 2017

Plaid poncho and 3 things I'm looking forward to this fall

I've had this plaid poncho for a couple of years now.  I had it on a wish list and my sweet friend Kelly sent it to me as a gift.

I love ponchos because you're basically just wearing a blanket. I love the snuggly feeling of being wrapped up. This poncho is nice because it's lightweight and works well for Texas. I've layered it with tees and also heavier sweaters. It's also a great online purchase since it's a one size fits most.

I love this plaid so much. I love that it's black and white so it will match a ton of outfits. It also throws me back to a stadium blanket we used to have when I was little. It was plaid and we would take it to the high school football games and soccer games (when I was younger and my brother was playing) and I would wrap up in the blanket with hot chocolate. I can't wait until the weather cools down and I can snuggle with Kendall in blankets and watch sporting events.

Shop this exact poncho HERE (It's only $39 + free shipping)

Speaking of sports and cool weather, Happy September!! I don't think I can accurately describe how happy I get when football season rolls around and we all start with the jeans and sweatshirts and I get to watch my Horned Frogs and Packers. Fall is my favorite season and I'm looking forward to a lot with Kendall this year, especially these things:

1. Football: This sport is big in our house since Kendall's mommy and daddy started their flirting way back in high school with bets on football games. My family members are die hard Cheeseheads while my husband is from Chicago. The grandmas fight over outfits and it's just going to be fun bringing Kendall into the mix and having her around for games.
2. Warm clothing, layers and snuggles: Of course I already have some cute outfits that I'm dying to put Kendall in but we have to wait for colder weather and in Texas, sometimes you can feel like you're waiting forever! I also just can't wait to wrap up in blankets and snuggle as a family in our big sofa. Maybe it's a little corny, but that's a dream of mine and Chris'. We have a beautiful family and we're blessed. Kendall is walking now and she'll walk into my arms excitedly and let me hold her and snuggle her. It's the best.

3. Holidays: Kendall was 2 months old when we celebrated Christmas last year. Chris was away constantly for work throughout the holidays and it was really hard. I had a really hard time balancing everything. I even failed to get some family members Christmas gifts because I simply couldn't get my shit together. It was, for me personally, a really bad Christmas. Of course I was over joyed with Kendall but I felt like a failure in all other aspects of my life... Actually, including Kendall because I was dealing with a colicky baby and a husband gone. This year will be so much different and I'm just looking forward to being able to breathe and watch my baby girl enjoy her first holiday season that she actually can enjoy. I can't wait to decorate and Chris and I can't wait for costumes on Halloween. I also can't wait to watch Kendall eat food on Thanksgiving. And open gifts on Christmas and visit Santa for real this year.
This has been a hard year and I feel like fall and the holidays are giving me so many things to look forward to! What do you look forward to most?

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