Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Floral kimono

I don't really enjoy online shopping that much for myself.  I really prefer the actual experience of shopping and trying things on rather than clicking a button. But, since becoming a first time mommy, I haven't had as much time for clothing shopping and online shopping has become a handy tool for me.

Last week I had a few coupons to use so my original plan was to shop a little one day with Kendall. Well that just didn't happen haha shocker! #momlife

I, of course, went online at 11:30pm right before the coupons expired because heaven forbid I don't buy something when I have a coupon!! (Coupons are my kryptonite)

I have a girl crush on Lauren Conrad lol and I just love her beautiful, feminine clothing so that's usually my go to at Kohls. I wasn't sure about this kimono but when it arrived I immediately fell in love!! Y'all, it's so good in person and it's really hard to tell online.
The fabric has a satin feel and a little bit of shine.  It really makes it look a little fancier and it's a kimono you could dress up!  But it's also awesome that it's machine washable.  The colors in the pattern are so beautiful for fall!

On Sunday I wore this kimono to church and brunch with a pair of maroon pants and heels. In the afternoon, I switched to my denim cutoffs and booties.  Shop this floral kimono! I'm wearing a size small and it's on sale for $32!
Are you loving kimonos?  They're extremely versatile!  In Texas, it's nice to have an easy top layer that you can remove outside but throw back on once you're in the AC.  Give me anything that's basically like wrapping a blanket around myself!

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