Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Haute Mess tee and 5 ways I'm getting back to being my pre-baby self

So, lately I've been motivated to really, for lack of a better term, get shit done! For awhile I really felt drowned in new-mommy-hood and not a lot like myself but lately I feel like I'm on a great upswing.

Now that Kendall is almost 10 months (what??!), she's so much more independent and she's on a great schedule for naps and sleeping the entire night through (ha, for now!), I'm finding myself craving the "old" me AND actual time to fit in those things that make me feel like the "old" me.
So here's 5 ways I'm spending my time recently...

1. Drinking wine & cooking- I really love pouring a glass of wine (or two!) and cooking a meal. My husband and I like to put the record player on and cook together. I'm finding this a little challenging since Kendall is older now and eating solid foods. I like to eat together and have a family dinner time, but I also like to spend time cooking a meal with my husband after she goes to bed. So we're finding a balance between the two.

2. Blogging- I feel like I've had a lot of good intentions for a couple of years now but haven't really spent the time to make it happen. I'm more dedicated to cleaning out my blog and updating things and to posting blog posts more consistently. It's also important to me that in addition to my personal style I touch on topics that are important to me and hit close to home. I think all of the best blogs out there are ones with people who are very honest with who they are and things that they have gone through and how that influences their life. I hope to be more like that and in some way inspire people. More on that later.

3. Working my Mary Kay business- I've been missing working my business for a little while now. I used to go to a weekly meeting for Mary Kay and when I got pregnant I stopped going on a regular basis. I've been thinking a lot lately how much I miss the positive atmosphere and the ladies in Mary Kay. And I'm not going to lie I saw pictures and videos from seminar in the last few weeks that really just made me miss it even more. Plus it's really fun playing with makeup and skincare and making good money. I want to find a good balance between staying at home and working my business because I'm blessed to own a business where I can set my own schedule and be a boss lady. I can show my daughter that I can put her first, contribute to the family and change women's lives outside our home.

4. Arts and crafts- Do you have any idea how big of a craft supply stockpile I have? And I also have blank canvases that have been sitting around for awhile. I love painting and drawing and I miss it. I have actually been looking into an art studio space outside of my home, however I'm not sure that it's the right move for me just yet. But I am continuing to think about it and pray over it and it is something that may happen soon. It is an end goal of mine to be selling my art.

5. Networking- By this I mean just reaching out and finding new people that enjoy the same things I do. I've been a little bit of a recluse since Kendall was born. Just because Chris was often out of town for work and I didn't leave much when she didn't have a schedule. There wasn't really a time for me to go out and socialize much. I love local events, art shows, trying new restaurants and going to yoga. I'm getting better at finding other moms now and ladies in the blogging world. It's important to seek friends that have things in common with you and those that will inspire and encourage you.

It may seem like a pretty simple concept, considering I'm just going back to doing the things I did before having a baby. But every mom will tell you that it's so much more than that. Because now you have to figure out how to do all of those things in a completely different way. So here's to every mom figuring it out along the way. That's basically it... Get up, drink coffee, figure it out, drink wine, go to bed and do it all over again :)
You can shop my Haute Mess tee HERE. I'm also obsessed with the Mini Haute Mess tank for your little and I'm not sure how i haven't ordered it yet. I love their #momlife merch and they even have shirts for dog moms, cat moms and more!

How do you "do you"?  I'd love to know!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post but I have worked with the Royal Bowtique in the past and they are sweet ladies!! You can follow their Instagram HERE.

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