Sunday, December 2, 2018

Alex and the basic blogger b*tch brunch

Today I just wanted to share some mad love for a blogger babe that does so much for this blogging community!  Alex, the Basic Blogger Bitch, is my homegirl now and I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel truly blessed to know her and to be in her space!  This girl has crazy blogging skills... her blog is killer!... but she also has this skill for bringing people together and making everyone feel welcome and special.
I have so much respect for Alex and her owning her "basic blogger" status.  She turned criticism into a brand and I'm so impressed by that.  I'm obsessed with her story and her blog name!  I can tell you right now that I had nowhere near the confidence she does when I was in my 20s... and let me be very clear here... it's CONFIDENCE not arrogance.  She owns who she is and what she loves to do; she didn't allow anyone's whispering in her ear to deter her from what she wants to be doing.  On top of that, she has dedicated a lot of time to helping other bloggers with their journey as well as organizing brunches to bring so many of us together throughout DFW.  It actually makes me emotional to know that she saw something in me way back when and decided to include me in her Basic Blogger Bitch Brunches!  Thank you Alex!

I attended my first brunch back in July and I was blown away by Alex's kindness and drive.  I was also so happy to find a group of girls that enjoy boomerangs and food pics as much as me!  It can be hard blogging... sometimes you feel like everyone is staring at you (usually because they are!) and wondering what the heck you're doing, why you're posing with a drink or food or taking a photo of the menu.  I've talked to many bloggers about feeling like the general public sees you as arrogant... why is she SO into herself?... why is she on her phone constantly?... why is she posing with a smoothie?!... I myself have felt this so many times and it makes you feel so self-conscious despite knowing what your end game is... which is usually representing a company or business that you believe in.  But finding a community of women to blog with, bounce ideas off of, get advice and encouragement has changed my world!

I, unfortunately, have had a pattern in the past... I either hide or disguise who I really am and what I like to do OR I surround myself with people that don't really get me and then have tremendous anxiety and disappointment over those people not showing me the kind of support I need and want.  I literally had a former friend tell me she "didn't get the whole blogging thing" but she had never asked me a single question about it!  But now that I'm interacting with more bloggers (instead of being intimated by and scared of them) I feel this overwhelming sense of belonging and genuine support and concern for not only my blogging success but also my health and my journey in this life.  Example: Yesterday I saw a great friend I've made through the blogging brunch; we haven't seen each other in a few months; we talked about our blogs BUT we spent the majority of time talking about life... she walked right up to me and asked me how I'm doing, how my life is going and, not in a nosy way, also how my mental health journey is going.  I could have cried because she knows I've had a really rough time over the last couple years and the thing is, it's not chit-chat with her... it's genuine I love you, I'm thinking of you, I'm curious how you're doing.  We also talked about how she's been doing.  Her name is Aishah and I highly encourage you to check out her blog.  

I guarantee you that I wouldn't have met Aishah if it weren't for the Basic Blogger Bitch Brunches!  And the same goes for so many of the women I've met!  A few are fellow Fort Worth bloggers so it's possible I would have run into them at some point at an event, but I've met ladies from all over the metroplex and that is all thanks to Alex.  Ironically, the more Basic Blogger events I attend, the more I realize we are all anything but "basic"... we're all from different walks of life, different cultures, different backgrounds, different thoughts and opinions... we just happen to all enjoy sharing our lives.  And I think that's anything but basic... I actually think it's pretty extraordinary.  It takes guts to put yourself out there on social media!

So here's a ton of photos from every Basic Blogger Bitch Brunch I've attended!  I will continue to attend as long as Alex keeps inviting me!! haha!  These events genuinely fill my soul and keep me going!  Love you girl!  Make sure you're following Alex on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! And of course read her blog!  Her pics are way more beautiful than mine! ;)

Are you as hungry as me now?!  I live for brunch!  Sunday brunch is a perfect time to check out any of these restaurants!  Hope y'all have a great day! 

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