Tuesday, December 4, 2018

sitting made simple® fort worth

Are you the parent that panics when you realize you need a babysitter?  I mean, I'm the mom that panics over just about anything because I have severe anxiety lol buuuut babysitting outside the family was definitely one of those things that I avoided.  Chris and I are blessed to have our parents in the metroplex and I also have an older brother which gives us great access to free babysitting (praise!) but it's not always the most convenient.  That usually involves us driving Kendall at least 30-45 mins or someone coming to pick up Kendall, transferring a car seat and packing a bag... OR someone driving to us and they end up spending more time in the car than we actually needed them to babysit!

I told Chris awhile ago... we need an option where we can have a babysitter for an hour or two and not ask our family members to always change their schedules and do so much driving.  And believe it or not, even with 5 adults in our immediate family nearby, we still have times when no one is available... I mean, not everyone is just sitting around waiting to help us!... they do have lives of their own! Whaaaat?! ;)

I love keeping Kendall on a pretty strict schedule and I always feel best when she's in her enviornment... her home, her crib, her snacks that I carefully picked.  There's nothing wrong with drop-off babysitting, but sometimes it gives mommy way more anxiety, plus it limits the hours to daytime instead of being able to put Kendall to bed and go out for a date night or a blogging event.  So the best option for us is having someone come to us!  Enter the anxiety of spending tons of time searching mommy facebook groups for babysitting posts, interviewing babysitters, checking their qualifications and skills... UGH, I think I'll just cancel the event and stay home!
Imagine how relieved I was when Melissa Wolfe contacted to let me know about the launch of Sitting Made Simple® in Fort Worth!  Melissa is the owner of this franchised business and I was thrilled to meet her and learn all about this service!  She has a teaching background and after utilizing SMS® Dallas, she decided to launch one in Fort Worth since it's closer to where she lives and she saw the need for families in Tarrant and Denton counties.  You can read a little more HERE
I love that Melissa is a local mom and that she utilized this service in the past.  She realized that Sitting Made Simple® is a company that's dedicated to making parents feel super comfortable with the babysitters they're using by vetting them in a detailed process.  SMS® has been around for 10 years and was already available in 6 cities across the U.S.  I also met Amanda Knapp, the lady who started it all, and she was just the sweetest!  She traveled to Texas for the Fort Worth launch and she is involved in each franchise.  These are all hard-working, entrepreneur women that know each other and support each other; each branch of SMS® is supported by the headquarters.  
When you utilize the SMS® services you get something unique from other online babysitting services: direct access to the franchise owner through phone and email.  It's also super reassuring that they have done their homework with each babysitter; they are all 18+, background checked, CPR certified, interviewed in person and they have a clean driving record and references.
Leaving Kendall with the Sitting Made Simple® Fort Worth babysitters was the first time we've had someone babysit besides family.  She did great!  And trust me, I wouldn't have done it without feeling comfortable.  So how does it work?  Well, it's super easy!  You sign up for an annual membership and then you'll be able to log-in to the website (or call/email Melissa) and book babysitters right away!  You can book them ahead of time (normal scheduling), "last minute" (less than 72 hours notice), or you can pay a rush fee (within 24 hours).  You can read all about the fees to SMS® and programs available HERE.  You can check out the babysitting rates HERE.  Since babysitters have a clean driving record, they can also transport a child/children if you need them picked up or dropped off somewhere.  

Even if you don't require babysitting services, you may know someone that wants to become a SMS® babysitter!  It's a great way to work part time and earn some extra cash, especially for local college students!  If you're on the fence about trying this service, you can read some testimonials from families HERE.  You can also follow Melissa on Instagram and Facebook to get to know her better and communicate with her directly!  I know she'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!  Melissa knew I was nervous about Kendall and she really put me at ease and talked me through the whole thing!  She even gave me some details on the sitters before I dropped off and it was really nice knowing that she has met each sitter and gotten to know them.  
The normal annual membership fee is $50 but TODAY ONLY (Tuesday 12/4/18) you can sign up for only $35!!! Sign yourself up and take a little stress off your shoulders or even consider giving this as a Christmas gift!
*Sponsored post- I was given an annual membership in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own; I did utilize this service and have no complaints at the time this post was written.  I will continue to use this service.  I only write about products and services that I have tried and approve.  Thank you SMS® for sponsoring this post!

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