Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year's Eve fashion

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!  I can't believe we're about to say goodbye to 2018!  It feels like the holidays came and went so fast and it's a little crazy to me that we're one day away from NYE!  I'm really looking forward to ringing in the new year... mostly because 2018 was awful for me but also because I CAN'T WAIT to wear my dress!
I literally have no plans yet except for our annual steak dinner with my family and their two best friends but rest assured I'll find something to do and drag Chris along because I'm determined to show off this dress!  I spotted this dress at the Apricot Lane Boutique in Clearfork awhile ago and then when they had their big Black Friday sale I rushed over there early in the morning to snag it at a discount (bargain shopper y'all!)  At the time I didn't know where or when I was going to wear it but I didn't care... I HAD to have it!  I'm a sequin girl and truth be told I'd probably wear head to toe sequins every day if it were socially acceptable!  This dress screamed to me because of the colors and there's something about the neon yellow stripe that just does it for me... probably because I'm an 80s child!
Today I'm showing off this dress as well as sharing my top 3 Fort Worth boutiques to shop last minute if you're still looking for an outfit!  I'm also highlighting my favorite trends for NYE this year which can be found at all of these boutiques!

1. Apricot Lane Boutique- I love the Clearfork location but there's also multiple locations around the metroplex, Texas, and across the U.S. if you're not in Funkytown! This is an affordable boutique and as you can tell from my dress, they have some stunners!  They have a killer statement earring selection!  My purple fringe earrings are from here as well... and they basically have every color you could ask for in multiple styles!  I, of course, got purple so I can wear them during TCU Football season too.  They are also super friendly and helpful!  The Clearfork location didn't have my size for this dress but they tracked it down at the Southlake location for me and an employee drove it to Fort Worth the next day for me instead of making me go get it.  I seriously can't tell you how helpful that was since I'm always busy with Kendall and any little hiccup in my schedule can throw everything off.  They called me when it was in and they even allowed me to pay the Black Friday sale price it would have been if I had actually purchased it on Friday.  Talk about customer service!  That seriously won me over and I will for sure be back to this boutique a lot.  I also love that they have a variety of styles from fancy dresses to laid back sweaters and casual looks.  No matter what you're doing on New Year's Eve you could find a cute outfit here!  They're open today (Sunday) 12-6 and on NYE 10-5 so you can shop last minute.

2. Flirt Boutique in West 7th- I've had some great experience at Flirt with killer customer service as well!  A few years ago they were nice enough to give me a really nice gift-with-purchase goody bag with my purchase even though I was spending slightly under the amount required.  I thought that was so cool of them.  They also helped me last minute when I needed a clear bag to go to a TCU football game last minute this year!  Any boutique that is really active on their social media and looking to help you out is a big win in my book!  It's SO helpful because you don't have to run around town like a crazy person popping in and out of stores... you can message them on Instagram like I do and I would assume Facebook as well.  If you're not local they will even ship items to you.  I love that Flirt is so on trend!  They have been posting some amazing faux fur coats and velvet dresses lately... these are two of my favorite trends for NYE!  Flirt is open today (Sunday) and tomorrow 12-5 for last minute shoppers!

3. Uptown Cheapskate- I shop the Fort Worth location but there's also multiple locations in the metroplex and across the U.S.  The best thing about this boutique is the ever-changing selection, the quality of the items and the prices!  I am not exaggerating when I say you can easily get a head to toe outfit for under $50!  This is especially helpful on special occasions like New Year's Eve since so many girls will buy an outfit for one night only and never wear it again.  They also carry some higher end items like designer clothes and handbags so you can up your look without the price!  The Fort Worth location has always been super helpful to me on social media as well... always a plus to be able to check with them online before heading into the store!  You can also trade in some gently used clothing too and it'll boost your store credit towards a new outfit or give you a little more spending cash for those NYE drinks!  Uptown is open today (Sunday) and Monday but check with them on their hours because they'll be closing a little early on Monday.
As you can see my favorite New Year's Even trend this year is obviously sequins, but I'm also loving all the velvet and faux fur!  You can easily find these trends at this boutiques!  If you're shopping as a couple, be sure to check out Uptown because they also carry men's clothing!  It's a great place to snag a button up shirt for your man if you maybe want to get something that coordinates with your outfit.  I might be shopping for Chris last minute because yes I'm that girl that likes to match ;)
What are your plans for New Year's Eve?  Do you already have your outfit covered?  Are you wearing any of my favorite trends?  I can't wait to see everyone's looks!  Be sure to message me or tag me on Instagram if you shop at any of these boutiques or wear something you know I'll love!

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