Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bridal Shower Bliss

Hey y'all! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I've had a super busy few days and I'm just getting back into my normal week routine.  The wedding is creeping closer and closer and panic has set in.  My every waking moment has been me obsessing over wedding thoughts in my head... mostly "crap I haven't called her back or sent that form" or "I can't respond to this person until I talk to vendors A, B & C" or "who the heck does this or that on the wedding day?" ...it's exhausting planning your own wedding sometimes.

But then there are milestone moments in the process that are so fun that it snaps you out of your planning funk and renews your excitement!  This past weekend was huge for me when I celebrated with my bridal shower!

Chris and I have been together for a total of over five years... four of which were spent long distance.  So most people haven't been all that surprised when we said our parents hadn't met yet.  BUT, we can now check that off the list!  I was blessed to have my future in-laws come into town for my wedding shower!  Our parents were so excited to meet and it went really well (I knew that it would!).  It was something that made my bridal shower day just that more special.

The bridal shower was beautiful and I really enjoyed myself.  There's something about your girlfriends asking a million and one questions about how you're doing your hair and what accessories you're wearing and if you're nervous and where you want pictures... it's WAY different than your vendors asking you these questions!  Vendors= me wanting to punch someone in the face... nothing personal lol... you're just stressing me out!  But when it's your girls, it's fun and overwhelming in a good "I'm so in love" way!! And that's exactly how I felt... excited!  That excitement can be stolen very easily in this process, and I feel so blessed to have great bridesmaids and girlfriends and current family and future family that have made me feel so loved!

I don't want to post too many photos from the shower, since I have professional photos from my photographer on the way... but here's a few pics and a couple of my favorite details from my bridal shower!  Thank you again to everyone that helped plan and make my day special!
{product details below/ full outfit details coming soon}
{product details}

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