Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring in my step

Yesterday DFW hit the hottest temperature it's been since November 17... and it was GLORIOUS!  I'm not exactly wanting constant 80-something degrees from now on (I would like an actual Spring, please, dear Texas) but after a winter of up and down and ice and snow, I'm ready to be warm!!

As I sit here watching the drizzle outside my window, I'm even more thankful that I had some time to make it to the park yesterday with my boys (along with the entire city... I've never seen it so crowded there!)  Chris, Wilbur and I watched the sunset in Trinity Park as we enjoyed an evening walk together.  As usual, my exercise suffered as I stopped every few feet to take a picture.  With all of this wedding planning lately, I haven't had a lot of time for one of my favorite things: photography!

So here's a few of my favorite shots from yesterday!  I love my Funkytown!!
What are your favorite Fort Worth spots to enjoy the outdoors?

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