Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer color for home

I'm a girl that can appreciate a great variety of home decor, including calm, all-white interiors.  But, when it comes to my own personal style... I LOVE COLOR.  Bold brights make me happy.  I am definitely not someone that's afraid of putting color in my home.

I'm really loving all of these items... not all in one room of course ;-) These are great pops of color that range from easy-to-change items like wall art, clocks and throw pillows to more permanent items like furniture and lighting.  {shop all items by clicking thumbnails below}

TIP: Consider changing out a rug for the summer season!  Yes, it may require moving furniture and a little heavy lifting (depending on the size rug) but it could be a fantastic dose of color in any room and will change the look of your furniture and accessories because you've changed their background!  Think bold color and then add pops of that color throughout the room in your accessories and blankets and pillows.  You can even change out lamp shades to a coordinating color or pattern!  Have one rug for spring and summer and a second, more subdued color scheme and pattern for the fall and winter months.

How do you incorporate color into your home?  Pops here and there or bold statement pieces like a colored sofa or chair?
Summer color for home

Hope you'll LIVE IN COLOR! I think it's more fun!

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