Friday, September 26, 2014

fashion finds

Happy Friday!  Now that the weather is cooling down, I'm starting to think outerwear!  We may not need jackets, coats & vests quite yet in Texas, but if you're planning on traveling to a colder climate, or if you're just wanting to snag a great deal, you're probably already shopping for outerwear!  So I wanted to take a moment to blow your mind and give you a quick tip about a place to shop you would probably NEVER think of!

Ready for it?  It's Sam's Club!  ...Wait, what?  The bulk food store??  Yes, that Sam's Club.  Hear me out on this one...

You may not ever in a million years go into this store with the thought of clothes shopping, but every time I'm in there I always check the apparel section.  Yes, it's a very small section.  And yes, often times there are weird, shapeless items I would never wear.  BUT many times there are actually really nice, good quality items at amazing prices!  From my experience, outerwear athletic gear and men's clothing are the biggest deals here. I've spotted a ton of IZOD clothing for men... button ups, polo shirts, cargo shorts & pants and great athletic wear.  Also, baby clothing!! There are some serious deals on cute pajama sets and onesies!  I don't have kids yet, but boy howdy all of my friends are popping them out, so this is a great place to shop for gifts!

For women, I usually spot great workout gear, simple layering basics and fantastic coats, vests and jackets.  Some of the brands I've seen most recently include Calvin Klein, London Fog and Kenneth Cole.  Check out these vegan leather jackets by Kenneth Cole!  They were spotted in my local Sam's (Fort Worth- West Worth Village) just two days ago and I'm seriously contemplating going back for one... or two...
I'm loving the neutral colors (and the pop of red!) and the comfy fabric accents on the arms and sides of the jacket!  They were extremely soft and pliable.  I also loved that they give the look of a biker jacket without being too over the top with snaps and zippers everywhere.  (I don't see this item online so check your local stores quick!  In my experience, things go very fast at Sam's and they usually display everything that have all at once)

I recently purchased a purple puffer vest, perfect for TCU Football games (Go Frogs!) or any time I just need a little extra warmth.  I love vests for Texas because it helps you transition through all of these awkward "fall" months when the weather has a mind of it's own!
This vest is SO soft and amazingly comfortable!!  It also came in a variety of colors and was so affordable!! Shop the Puffer Vest HERE!

I'm challenging you to think outside the box with your fashion!  Sometimes great items can be found in the most unexpected places!  And talk about affordable!  So the next time you're stocking up on bulk toilet paper and cereal, don't be afraid to just check out the clothing section (and my advice would be to also check out the handbags and jewelry!!... seriously, like Cole Haan, Emma Fox, Michael Kors and Kate Spade bags for amazing prices, just to name a few) because you may find something so much better than you ever expected!

I hope I've opened your eyes to a new avenue of shopping!  Happy Friday y'all!

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