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In the dressing room: Altuzarra for Target

Ok y'all, I was at my Target store at 11:00am this morning and there were already small sizes gone in certain items!  This collection will sell out! 

You may not have time to make it to the store and try on these items, so of course online shopping is a great option.  All of the Altuzarra for Target items are available at as well as  But sometimes online shopping leaves you with lots of questions.  So, in an effort to help y'all shop, I did my best to try on a lot of the items today and give you a good idea of fit and sizing.

I've already heard from instagram followers that items are sold out at their Target stores.  So choose wisely and purchase anything you think you may want!  As we've seen with other designer collaborations at Target, they don't last long.

A couple of things about this particular shopping trip:
~To give you a general idea of sizing, I am about 5'3" and 105 lbs.  I usually wear XS or S... usually size 2.  I have specified the size pictured below each item.
~Pictures below are from the West 7th/ Montgomery Plaza Target location in Fort Worth, TX.  Selection varies by store.

Let's go shopping!
You'll find the Altuzarra collection prominently displayed in the junior section.  You can shop the entire collection online at Target HERE or at Net-a-Porter HERE {I highly recommend going to first or shopping in the stores because net-a-porter is showing most items sold out! Told you they'd go fast!}
I would have just grabbed everything and headed to the dressing room, but there's a 6 item limit.  The sweet lady let me cheat a few times with more than that!  

First grab and here we go!  Love this sweatshirt so much!  It's a really cute mix of terry sleeves with a sheer satin bodice.  This fall we're seeing a lot of sporty chic trends in fashion and this sweatshirt hits that mark!
The orchid print is really beautiful.  And the whole sweatshirt is soft and lightweight.  I recommend sizing up because the sleeves are very slim-fitting.  
I am pictured wearing a size small.  Shop this sweatshirt HERE

Speaking of lightweight, I really loved the concept of this shirt dress.  
Sorry for my blurry.... I'm starting to think I've dropped my phone one too many times.  *ugh*
 It's hard to tell from these pictures but this shirt dress does have pinstripes in the blue.  It's extremely lightweight and comfortable and very easy to wear.  I have come to the conclusion that it is more flattering on ladies with curves rather than my figure, but it could work!  I didn't think it was the best item for me today but it's really super cute!  I am wearing a size XS.  Shop this dress HERE

Back to the racks... oh look, boots!
Shop the boots HERE and HERE

Back in the dressing room...

At first glance, I thought these were two separate pieces, but it's a dress made to look like a skirt and blouse.  I wasn't sure about it on the rack but after trying it on I changed my mind.  It was really cute and the fit was very flattering!
I love the juxtaposition of the soft blue with the python texture!  The pencil skirt shape and white cuffs and collar keep this look classic, but the mix of colors and prints really wows you!
Oh hello! Don't judge... I'm really tired!!
The light blue in this dress also has white pinstripes.  I am wearing a size 2.  Shop this button down dress HERE

Mixing up the color situation now with some deep ruby reds!  This blazer was to die for!  
Love the classic black pieces.  They are so easy to mix and match!  I am obsessed with this faux fur coat!
Back to the dressing room!!
I think this faux fur coat is fabulous!!! I couldn't get enough of it!
I would pair this coat with casual items as well as fancier outfits.  I love how it looks with my beat up bootcut jeans today!  I am wearing a size XS.  Shop this coat HERE
Another huge fall trend is global chic items.  I love how the Altuzarra collection includes items with intricate detail.  This dress has beautiful gold detail and cute tassels that hang down.
 It's flowy and comfortable.  I am wearing a size 2.  Shop this dress HERE
 Hey, I miss my fur coat!
 Ok that's better!  I could totally see wearing this faux fur with this dress as well!
 I honestly wouldn't have thought that I'd like a python print so much, but I kind of fell in love with it once I tried on all of these pieces!
 This python print t-shirt quickly became my favorite item!  It is so soft and flattering!  I loved how it looked with the pencil skirt.
*Note: The Target link to this pencil skirt is not working so it MIGHT be sold out... check your stores fast!!
The texture on this skirt is fabulous!! And the fit was so easy and flattering!  I was surprised at how well it hugged my hips and how comfortable it was!

Now more python but different blouse... and the jacket!
*Note: same thing on this python bow blouse! Check your stores!!! I'm not seeing it on the website!
And now another fabulous jacket!  This ruby red velvety amazeballs jacket was beautiful!! Unfortunately my store was already sold out of the small sizes!!  I am wearing a size M in this picture.  I really loved this blazer but the size was too big for me.
 The jacket bodice is velvet-like material and the collar is a smooth satiny material in a pretty purple shade.  I actually really liked the blazer with the python tee and my jeans!
 Check your stores y'all!! This one may be sold out online!  Yikes!  It's frustrating I know!  Don't forget there are matching pants and they are so fabulous!! I couldn't try them on because my store was out of my size.

I did, however, find a pair of the black tuxedo pants to try and I loved them!  The fit was great and I loved the tuxedo stripe down the side.  The python tee made another great friend!
 I am wearing a size 2 in the tuxedo pants.  Shop them HERE.

I switched up the shirt one last time and kept on the tuxedo pants.  I love how this black and white top immediately looks so sophisticated when paired with the pants!  This outfit makes me want to attend a black and white party!  I love the simplicity... and as always, I really really loved black and white.
 I am wearing a size XS.  Shop this black and white bow tie blouse HERE

One more ruby red item... I wasn't really sure about this color on me but I actually think it looks nice!  Stay on trend this fall with ox blood's red, ruby red, and maroon and brick tones!  This dress was very comfortable and silky soft.  It is made of polyester so it has that "slippery" feeling, but not in a bad way like many cheap clothing items.
 There is definite stretch to this dress so it will hug your curves (and give you curves where you don't have any! can I get an Amen?!)  I was a little confused what to do with the belt... I felt like the detail on the ends of the belt warranted it being tied in the front of the dress, but it did feel a little strange.  The dress is pictured online with the tie in the back... I guess that makes more sense.   You could wear it however you like.
 I am wearing a size 2 in this ruby dress.  Shop it HERE

I'm finishing this shopping trip off with my favorite dress that I tried on.  I shared a quick instagram video of this dress from the dressing room this morning!  If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.
 I'm a sucker for black and gold, sequins, sheer fabrics and tassels... this dress is all of those things!
I am wearing a size 2.  Shop this gorgeous dress HERE
Well guys, I hope my shopping trip has helped you see these Altuzarra items a little bit better!  There are still lots of pieces that I didn't get a chance to try on, so don't forget to check out the entire collection!

I recommend buying everything you want as soon as possible because everything is flying off of the racks!  There are already many items sold out online so my advice is to use the "FIND IN STORE" function and search for a store near you.  I love shopping in person... it's my cardio! ;-)

I had a blast trying on all of these items today!!  What are your favorite pieces from the collection?  Do you have any Altuzarra shopping stories you want to share?  Did you snag the last item in your size or fight off someone else for a skirt?  I'd love to hear about it!  It's a little crazy how quickly these collections go!  What would we all do without Target??

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