Tuesday, September 15, 2015

denim head to toe: white bell bottoms and sleeveless top

Have I mentioned lately that I'm loving the '70s vibes this fall?
I wore this outfit last Saturday to a couple of really fun events.  First, Chris and I headed to the local Fort Worth brewery, Martin House.  We were excited about this event, A. to celebrate a friend's birthday and B. because we drink Martin House brews but had yet to visit the brewery.  We were pleasantly surprised when we looked up the location and realized it right outside of downtown Fort Worth... like seriously, we could walk there if we really wanted to! (that may or may not be a good thing!!)

We were blessed with amazing weather this past weekend.  It finally, kind of, sort of, felt a little fall-like.  The sun was warm but the humidity was down, along with the temperature, and we were able to comfortably hang out outside and not die.  Hooray!  In addition to great weather, FOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!  If you live in Texas, you know how huge this is.  And being a TCU Alumni, Frog Football is LIFE!  It was so nice to enjoy some beers, hang out in nice weather and watch my frogs kick the crap out of SFA!  

Afterwards, we headed out to one art gallery, as part of Fall Gallery Night.  Fort Worth has a fantastic art scene and in the spring and fall, there are multiple galleries that participate in gallery night.  Most locations open for extended hours, for free, and offer drinks, food and live music.  This year we were a little tired from being out late the night before (for another birthday celebration, in Dallas... I wore the same outfit as Saturday by the way #noshame)... so we only hit up one art venue.  We decided on Artspace 111 because it's located downtown and they always have a great showing.  Plus, once I read that TacoHeads was serving, decision made!

Remember that "rule" no white pants after Labor Day.  Well, I say "Pssshhh!" #TeamWhiteIsAlrightAfterLaborDay
This is especially true this year.  White is everywhere.  White pants, white on white on white.  The more, the better this fall and winter.  I bought this top on clearance, probably at least a month ago.  It's definitely still warm enough in Texas to go sleeveless.  The arm holes are a little large and I knew my bra would show, so I opted for a lacy bralette.
Outfit details:
Bell bottoms purchased in store, Forever 21 (can't find exact ones online) similar, similar//
Denim Top Rock & Republic // Bag (old) similarsimilar //
Bralette (Forever 21) similar // Shoes MIA (old) similar
Lipstick Color Me Coral

{Ok, confession: we had some very tricky lighting for doing this shoot.  Definitely not the best time of day, plus bright sunshine filtering through trees.  We're not professional photographers lol and had a hard time deciding on flash or no flash.  This is why my pants are blindingly white :-) }

Also, something else funny to note:  I am extremely self-conscious during shoots.  I can't help it.  I love showing outfits and posing for pictures, but I like to be secluded with no one watching.  I get really flustered whenever there are other people around looking at me.  My wonderful husband knows this and tries really hard to just tell me to ignore them and not care.  Well, this time he decided to switch positions with me to show my how it's done.. and of course, make me laugh to relieve some of my nervous feelings.  God bless him...
 There's no way I would ever be doing what I love without him.  Thanks babe.  I love you!  You make me smile, you make me laugh, and you make my pictures better with your never-ending encouragement.  MUAH!

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