Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Texas Food Truck Rally

I say it a lot... I like to eat!  So when my friend Kristina mentioned a LivingSocial deal for the Great Texas Food Truck Rally, we immediately bought tickets.  So Chris and I headed to Dallas on Saturday to meet up with Kristina and her husband and do some food truck grubbin'!

I will say we're not used to parking situations in Dallas at all.  I feel like they really could have advertised where to go a little bit better.  The rally was held on the lawn of Reunion Tower (the big ball) and that was totally cool.  But since there weren't any signs for parking, navigation basically took us in a huge unnecessary circle around the tower, right back out to Houston Street, which we had just crossed.  So after probably a good 20 minutes of waiting in a parking lot line, we finally entered the lot, off Houston Street, and parked very close to the festival.  I can see how maybe they wanted to line to wrap around the tower instead of backing up all of Houston Street, but I still felt like there could have been signs!

After that frustrating ordeal, we walked into the rally and we were immediately greeted by some people from Zomato!  We got free koozies from them, and of course we headed straight for beer stand (have you met us?... you can't chow down on delicious food truck food without a beer!)

After our friends arrived just a few minutes later, we started browsing the trucks.  I had a hard time making a decision!  The sun and heat were kind of a doozy, not gonna lie :(  It had rained that morning and the humidity was way up and once the sun kicked in, we were all sweating bullets.  There were a few tables with umbrellas, so that definitely helped.  Kristina and I finally decided on two trucks and that we would split our orders so we could try both.  We got some chicken potstickers and some beef sliders.  The sliders were my favorite!  In fact, I've been craving them all weekend!  I also tasted Chris' gyro, which was delicious.  I passed on having a bite of his polish sausage but he said it was fantastic.  I think the best thing about the rally was just having a huge variety so everyone could get whatever kind of food they wanted!  
There was also live music and even a few retailers selling cute merchandise (I almost grabbed a faux suede/fur vest and I'm kind of regretting not because it was adorable!)  My vote definitely goes to the sliders and I will be hunting down the Easy Slider Truck in the near future!  I highly recommend the "Sweet and Lowdown" sliders (Angus beef, bacon, goat cheese and strawberry jam)... omg it was delicious... and I really want to try their other ones!
I, of course, came decked out in Fort Worth gear, especially since TCU played SMU that night.  Go Frogs!
We had a great time with great friends and yummy food.  After I completely sweat out my two beers, we headed home to watch the TCU game.  Overall, it was a great Saturday afternoon and I'm really glad we tried it!

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