Tuesday, January 12, 2016

flyaway moto jacket

I don't do well with cold weather.  I mean seriously, I'm cold when it's like 65 degrees outside.  So I've been spending as much time indoors lately as possible.  Except for brunch y'all... I will brave any weather for brunch!  I've been wearing this Faux Leather Flyaway Moto on repeat lately!  It's warmer than I expected.  At first I was a little unsure about all the extra sweater fabric in the front (it's front heavy but you get used to it) but now I'm loving it!  It's been really windy lately and I'm finding that I can manipulate the sweater front in any way I please... turn it up for face/neck coverage, or even stick my cold hands underneath the flaps.  I don't see myself ever using the zipper pockets;  I find them hard to access because of their placement, especially with the belt, but I do like them as detailing!  I've linked the jacket below (on sale!) + the jeggings (I've seriously never owned leggings that made my butt look this good lol)

This is a super casual look.  I'd also love this jacket with a LBD and some sassy booties for a little more edge!
I layered my favorite houndstooth scarf because it was extra windy (can you tell?!) I'm waiting for a slightly warmer day to try wearing this jacket open without the belt tied!  I didn't think that would work at first but I tried it the last time I wore it and actually liked the look!  If you choose to wear this jacket open, I recommend tying the belt behind your back so you don't have super long belt tails hanging down.  

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