Wednesday, January 20, 2016

italian meatballs

Last night we had a banquet for our Mary Kay unit to celebrate our successes and it was a yummy Italian feast!  I love potluck occasions because they help me branch out in my cooking.  So of course I decided to volunteer to bring something I had never made before, and then waited until the last minute to find a recipe and cook up a storm.
Classic Cassie.

My lifesaver?... yes, you know what I'm about to say... Pinterest.

Ah, the modern day woman's go-to problem solver.  Planning a wedding? Pinterest.  Hosting a party? Pinterest.  Making a Halloween costume?  Pinterest.  Cooking a new dish?  Pinterest.

I found an amazing Italian Meatball recipe, hit up my Walmart and spent about an hour in the kitchen. {Am I the only one that always takes longer to cook something than it says it should?}  The meatballs turned out delicious and it is definitely something I'll be adding to the routine.

This recipe was a combination of about half things I already had and half I had to go buy at the store.  Overall, it was a perfect dish for a potluck and even though I was a little iffy on the portion, we ended up with leftovers.  I've linked the recipe below!
*Note: this recipe is not my own which is why I have linked to it; the photography on this page, however, is my own property.  Please do not reuse images without my consent.  Thank you!

Get this Italian Meatball recipe from Chef Savvy!
Go to this recipe on Pinterest!

The only thing I altered from the original recipe was buying buttermilk instead of using the tip to make your own.  But, I did think the tip was very clever and will use that in the future!

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