Wednesday, January 27, 2016

fragrance favorites

I don't usually branch out much in my fragrances.  I've always had a few that I like and stick with.  I don't often go out and buy a fragrance for myself because it seems to me like it's the perfect gift for someone else to give me. 

Whether you're looking for a fragrance to buy for yourself, or you're wanting to add a new smell to your wishlist... today I decided to share my favorites and why.  Valentine's Day is quickly approaching!!
This probably isn't much of a surprise.  Chanel is classic.  I have always loved this scent because it's a little on the muskier side and those are my favorite types of perfume.

This is my newest fragrance and it's quickly becoming my favorite!  I highly recommend picking this up for yourself for Valentine's Day, or telling your loved one that you'd love it as a gift!  I have a hard time with super floral scents (probably because I'm allergic to everything) so I don't normally go for something "bouquet" like.  However, this is a really nice balance of soft fragrance that doesn't overpower my senses.  AND I think it's the perfect girly fragrance in it's gorgeous soft pink and pretty bottle with a bow.

Coach Poppy
This has been a staple fragrance for me for a few years now.  Again, it's a nice mix and that's what I usually like.  It has floral, fruity and musky notes all rolled into one.

Mary Kay Thinking of You
I think this is one of the absolute best perfumes to ever give as a gift!  Whether it's a romantic gift or something special for a mother, sister, friend... this perfume sports thoughtful packaging so that you can write a personalized note inside the box AND there's a heart charm that can be removed from the perfume and added to any necklace, bracelet,  etc.  This scent is also an perfect blend between floral and fruity, and it's super affordable (with a money-back guarantee)
I'd love to know what your favorite fragrances are!  Please comment below!  Anything I should be telling my hubby to buy me for Valentine's Day?!

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