Saturday, December 13, 2014

a glimpse at our life: date night + Saturday morning

Happy Saturday!  How is your day going so far?  I have to say that I love my Saturday mornings with my husband!!  It's only been a few months since his work schedule changed him to working Saturday afternoon/evenings instead of mornings.  And it was definitely a switch and something to get used to, but it seems to be working well for us.  I love that we're able to take advantage of so many downtown happenings on Saturday mornings.  Or even if there's nothing specific going on... a stroll downtown for coffee or to just enjoy Sundance Square is SO nice.

Today I'm just sharing a quick glimpse into our date night last night and our morning together today.  Our plans drastically changed last night, on a whim, and we ended up going out to dinner.  Chris wanted sushi and we both wanted to try some place new.  Enter Kona Grill.  Yes, I've heard people rave about it and there's been one in West 7th for some time now, but we still hadn't made it there!  It also helped that I had a small gift card from my goodie bag at the Flirt Turns Five party!  So, decision made... last minute... here we go!

I went for semi-festive with my outfit last night... greens and red but "normal" casual clothing, if you will.  I love this green plaid shirt because it's fitted at the top but wider at the bottom.  It's also long enough to completely cover my butt haha, which is something I like.  A lot of clothes look out of proportion on me if they're not long because I am extremely short waisted and long-legged.  It's actually hard for me to find a lot of shirts that look right on me, so a great shirt dress is one of my fave items ever!  I honestly don't know where this one is from because it was a gift (I think a catalog item) but I've linked a bunch of really great options for you!
Earrings are from Flirt Boutique // Handbag is Coach
It's actually pretty shocking that I've enjoyed sushi a few times now with Chris.  I am NOT, I repeat NOT EVEN CLOSE to a seafood person.  I hate shrimp, I hate pretty much every fish, I cringe at trying something new... I am an "order the exact same thing at the exact same restaurants" kind of gal.  Chris is slowly changing that.  As he keeps telling me, if it's good, it won't be fishy.  And he's totally right.  I'm actually growing to love it and dare I even say CRAVE it!  Hooray!

Halfway through the meal last night, Chris stopped and said "Hey, you didn't take a picture of the food!"  I just laughed and said yeah, I thought about that but I'm trying to embarrass you less LOL.  He usually gets his hands slapped away and "can't touch" the food until I get a good picture.  I can only imagine how annoying that is to someone on the other end of a blogger relationship.  So I decided that our date night last night deserved something other than Cassie being on her phone constantly.  So there's no picture of our sushi... but there sure was a lot of it!  I'd love to say I eat exotic stuff but I don't... I'm pretty much a California Roll lover.  Don't hate... I'm still new to this.  At least it's not straight up veggie!  ...which yes, I totally have ordered lol.  The California Rolls at Kona Grill were delicious.  I also tried the Philadelphia Rolls and liked that a lot, but it seemed like just a tad too much cream cheese to me.  WHAT??!  I know right, is there such a thing?  Apparently so... I was surprised at myself so I think I'll try those again sometime.
I did manage to snag a photo of our Key Lime Pie before letting Chris have at it.  It was HUGE!  And omg delicious!! It was just the right amount of bite.  We actually didn't even finish the whole piece because we were so full!  P.S. Isn't sharing a dessert such a turn on?  Or is that just me?  I love sharing with my hubby :-)  He probably doesn't feel the same!!  Look at him holding that spoon, waiting patiently.
{See Kona Grill's full menu HERE}

 Fast forward to Saturday morning.  I got up early to enjoy my coffee and some quiet time.  Saturday mornings are my favorite currently.  I love waking up to this city and I feel blessed every single day to be able to live in downtown Fort Worth!  After a little alone time, I got dressed and woke up Chris so we could walk downtown to the Snowball Express Walk of Gratitude.
 Fort Worth residents gathered in Sundance Square and along Main Street to honor the military families of fallen heroes.  I was very happy to witness this event, although I have to say, it breaks my heart.  It's a huge wake up to me how lucky I am to have my man.  If you don't know, Chris is a Marine, and although he is not active anymore (multiple injuries) it's still gut-wrenching to know he's lost friends.  When I take that feeling and apply it to those that are dealing with current deployments, or those that DID lose someone, I just lose it.  I'm thankful that there are good people and organizations that seek to help these families.  They all need help and I hope you'll consider DONATING.
I am in awe of these amazing children and their families.  I pray comfort for them and support from the community.

One last thing to do before heading home... saying hello to the most dapper, well-dressed men-in-uniform I know... the MARINES.  Semper Fi y'all!  Representing in my hubby's hat!
Chris and I contemplated going out for breakfast but since we went out to dinner last night, I thought it would be nice to cook breakfast at home and enjoy a few hours of relaxing in bed before Chris had to head to work.  So I made some scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins and we had breakfast in bed together and then a short nap!  It was GLORIOUS!
All in all, it was really great night and morning with my boo and I just feel so lucky to have him!

What's your Saturday routine?  How do you spend your weekends?  I hope you have a great day loves!

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