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Makeup Monday: super easy bronze eye look

Today I'd love to share a super simple eye makeup look with you!  This has been one of my favorite looks lately.  If you saw my instagram yesterday, you'll know that I've been branching out with my browns.  I'm used to doing eye makeup looks with purples (I have green eyes) and blacks (everyone loves a good smoky eye, right?).  What I'm not so used to is using shades of brown.

This might sound kind of strange.  Honestly, most women I know need a nudge AWAY from the browns.  As a Beauty Consultant, I see a lot of neutrals and browns because women simply are afraid of color.  Well, I'm the opposite; I LOVE color on my eyes and I feel weird using neutral shades.  But this is slowly changing.

I'm loving metallics this season and most of all golds and bronze tones.  This is taking that love and simplifying it into a very easy eye makeup look for day that easily transitions for night.  So here's a step-by-step tutorial on my fave eye look lately!
I've started with prepping my face and applying foundation.  
The products I use: Primer // Foundation // Concealer // Highlighting Pen

I am using three eye colors total; one is a cream eye shadow that I use as a base, the other two are metallic mineral eye colors that I blend on top.  The only other product I'm using is mascara (not counting brushes; if you don't have quality brushes, I highly recommend this set!  It will give you the basic brushes you need for all of your makeup!  They are also guaranteed 100%- ask me more about this).

This is a very quick eye look that can be done in a matter of minutes.  I'm starting with this Cream Eye Shadow in Iced Cocoa
This cream shadow is fabulous because it can be used on it's own, or as a base for an eye look, like I'm doing today.  You can use a brush with this cream, or simply use your finger.  Any time you are applying product to your eyes or around your eyes (shadows, eye creams, etc) USE YOUR RING FINGER!  This is the weakest finger on your hand and therefore the best!  You always want to be as gentle as possible with the skin around your eyes and eye lids.  Tugging and pulling and rubbing this delicate skin is what causes most sagging and puffiness!  You must be gentle.
I use my left ring finger to do my left eye and my right ring finger to do my right eye.  The only reason I do this is to allow my color to go on more symmetrically.  Sometimes it's awkward to reach across to the opposite side of your face and try to angle your finger just right.  I also do my left eye first because it is NOT my dominate hand.  If you are like me and struggle with making the color symmetrical and matching both eyes, this is a simple trick.  It is much easier for me to control my right hand and match the right to the left; so I always do my non-dominant side first.

Start on the outside corner of your eyelid and blend inward.  You may feel like you're just smudging color on your eye and that it looks strange but remember, this is the first step.  Eye makeup is all about layering and not every layer will look "pretty".  This is just a base and will be completely covered and blended, so ONLY put the dark cream where you want dark color.  I always concentrate my dark color to the outside 1/3 of my eye lid and blend towards the middle.

You will have a small smudge of brown on the outside part of your eye lid.  I always carry it out a little past the corner of my eye.  This will help your eyes appear bigger and wider open.  I also happen to have a prominent brow bone, so I carry the dark accent color up onto my brow bone.  This helps minimize it (if I were to concentrate the color only in the crease, it would actually make my brow bone stick out more and make my eyes look more sunken in; I do not want that) 

If you struggle with your eye shape and how you should be applying your makeup, you're in luck!  This is only one thing I can help with as a beauty consultant!  If you've never had free one-on-one attention, I'd love to give that to you! Scroll to the bottom for more info on contacting me! p.s. You do not have to be local to DFW)
Complete both sides and you'll end up like this:
Now I'm heading to my eye shadow choices.  I'm using two shades of Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors: Gold Coast and Chocolate Kiss.  (I also highly recommend Honey Spice as the light color, if you'd like something a little more warm and less yellowy)  Start with the lighter color:
Starting on the inside corner of your eye, use the Gold Coast color all over your eye lid and blend outward towards the cream shadow.  Use a flat brush like this one.  Do not completely cover the brown cream shadow; you want to stop about 2/3 way out so you just barely blend over the edge of the brown.
I have one eye done with the Gold Coast here.  You can see the metallic shimmer it adds to the inside of my eyes.  The brown looks a little uneven but don't worry because this doesn't matter.  You'll still be layering the chocolate shadow so you can even this out when blending.
After finishing the Gold Coast on both sides, it's time to switch brushes.  For adding accent color, it's easiest to use a rounded/pointed brush like this one

Back to my eye shadow palette... we're using Chocolate Kiss because it's a beautiful warm brown.  I love how it looks blended with the Gold Coast; that's what gives this look the bronze tone.  
Place the tip of the brush on the very outside corner of your eye and blend inward.  Wherever you touch first with the brush is where the most concentrated color will be so I always point the tip towards my corner and lash line and blend in and up.
Blend up into the crease
Blend Blend Blend!!!  I do a "boomerang" / sideways V shape with my brush, back and forth...  Imagine you're sort of putting parentheses around your eyes... You know, like this: <   >  
After blending the chocolate shadow on the outside 1/3 of your eye, go back to the gold color.  I always start AND finish with the light color and blend the light color INTO the darker. 
Make sure the inside of your eye is completely covered with the gold color...
And then also blend the outside edges of the chocolate with the gold.  You want the chocolate shadow to fade out gradually, not stop with a harsh edge.
When you're done, it'll look like this!
Add some mascara and this look is done for daytime!  It's kind of like a smoky daytime look without being too much.

If you want to amp it up a little bit and make it more of a nighttime smoky look, it's super simple!  All you really need is one more brush.  Use a flat angled brush like this.  
Using the same Chocolate Kiss color, you'll dab this brush in the color and then apply it like an eyeliner!
Start on your bottom lash line on the outside and "line" your eye about 2/3 of the way in.  I personally don't like to line the entire bottom lash line, but that's me.  If you want it really dramatic, go the whole way!  Play around and find what works best for you.  Everyone's eyes are different.  The more color you use and thicker line you draw, the more smoky your look will be. 
After finishing the bottom, I always "line" the upper lash line too.
You can see how adding the color to my bottom lash line really makes the look more dramatic and smoky!  I don't even have mascara on yet in this pic!
Lastly, add mascara.  I always start on the bottom lashes because your top lashes will always touch your brow bone when you're doing the bottom.  If you do the bottom first, your top lashes are still mascara-free and there's nothing smear.  When you're done with the bottom, do your top lashes.  I'm using Ultimate Mascara and if you've never tried it, you're really missing out!
Here's the final eye makeup look!!!  Add a neutral lip and you could rock this day or night in my opinion.
If you really want to amp it up for night, add a berry lip!  Berries and reds are hot this season and since the eye colors are neutral, you can really go in any direction.  This shade is Whipped Berries.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I really hope it was helpful!!  If you have any questions please comment below!  All of the makeup I use is Mary Kay.  Feel free to use your own favorite brand, or comment below if you'd love free samples of these specific Mary Kay products!

For more about my makeup services and free samples, or if you'd like a free personalized color consultation, please visit my MAKEOVERS section!
MUAH!! Hope your Monday is fabulous loves!  And I really hope you'll try this look!  If you do, please tag me on twitter (@texassass) and/or instagram (@texas_sass), I'd love to see it!!

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