Friday, December 5, 2014

Rainy wedding day

It's drizzling this morning and as I continue my wedding picture posts, I'm reminded of the weather on my special day... also RAIN!  Not going to lie, I was really upset, at first, that it rained on my wedding day.  I know I know, everyone says it's good luck.  But I was really hoping for a beautiful sunny day (total crap shoot in Texas in March... as is the rest of the year except summer lol) but that SO didn't happen.

It wasn't a Texas thunderstorm, but the rain was definitely heavy enough to affect the day.  Transportation was slower, getting ready was harder for us girls due to lack of natural light for our makeup sessions (but my amazing Mary Kay girls made it happen!!), and well, as you can imagine, getting in and out of a limo and moving at all in a huge ball gown in the rain.... yeahhhh not easy!!

BUT, when everything was said and done, the rain actually ended up giving me some fantastic memories (like my girls huddled around me with umbrellas, keeping my dress off the ground) and some even more fantastic pictures!

LOL Kelly what is that face??!
Made it inside... only to have to go right outside again.  We were weaving around trying to avoid the rain AND the guests that were already arriving.  Our arrival time was a little off due to the rain and me taking my sweet time taking pictures before I went outside.  
Back outside... ok, for real, who brought the blue and white umbrella?  How OCD am I that it's frickin' bothering me that all the umbrellas don't match?!!  It would look so much better with all black... just sayin' ;-)
These two pics are my favorite... just a ball of tulle and my girls and umbrellas galore! 
Yes this is my bridesmaids literally drying my feet for me.  Amazing ladies!!!
Matron of Honor, Kristina, helping me fix my giant bun.  Those bobby pins just pop right out of my hair because it's SO thick
How beautiful are my bridesmaids? For real y'all... I have some good lookin' friends! (All taken... sorry fellas!)

I was told by a few people that the slow drizzling rain made a beautiful sound on the roof of the chapel during the ceremony.  It was a soft rain... the kind of rain you hear pitter patter against the windows.  Honestly I was more concerned with not dropping my GIANT bouquet than I was with paying attention to what everything sounded like... but I love that guests told me it was a nice addition!  As the ceremony finished, my photographer Brandy was able to catch a few shots of me admiring the rain outside the chapel.  I love the drops on the window.  The lighting in the chapel was tricky... Robert Carr Chapel has some strict rules with flash photography... and the post-rain lighting outside was strange too... kind of that yellow glow
This is my "about to tear up" face LOL... I just got married and I'm looking out on the campus I graduated from (go frogs!) thinking how far I've come since college and how I never thought I'd be lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams.
After the ceremony the rain stopped.  It was like a perfect little miracle... the sky starting opening up and a beautiful display of yellows, pinks and purples took over.  There was even a giant rainbow across the sky... that I missed lol because we were inside taking family photos... but guests showed me pictures later.  It was like God himself smiling down on me and Chris and it was gorgeous.  
All photos by Darmon's Photography, Fort Worth, TX
Photos are the property of Texas Sass and cannot be duplicated or used in any way without permission from Cassandra

My wedding day taught me, once again, that you cannot plan for everything in life.  No matter how hard you try and what your plan is, it's God's plan that ultimately prevails.  I could have cried my eyes out over a "ruined" day but I chose to see the beauty in what God was giving me that day.  And I think it made my day unique and I love that.  I love these pictures and I love all of my girls that worked so hard to keep me dry and looking beautiful!

Did it rain on your big day?  I'd love to hear about it!

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