Saturday, December 6, 2014

fall in texas

In Texas you have to check the weather every day before going out... ok scratch that... you should probably check it every few hours!!  It's kind of ridiculous how the temperature fluctuates.  Sometimes I contemplate packing up my summer clothes and storing them away during the fall and winter months and then I'm like, oh wait, it could be 80 degrees tomorrow.  I'd love some extra space in my closet but truthfully I feel like I need my entire wardrobe accessible year-round.

It can be annoying but it can also be really nice.  I'm not so much a cold weather person.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE layers... I love sweaters and sweatshirts, I love comfy jeans, I love scarves and jackets and leggings... but I really do hate the extreme cold.  So, it's always nice, to me, when temperatures vary.  I can deal with cold when it's interrupted by warmer days.

Yesterday was one of those days.  According to my car when I was running errands, it was about 80 degrees yesterday in Fort Worth!!  Do you ever feel like you have a hard time dressing for the season because your weather doesn't match the season?  Yeah, I feel like that a lot.  So yesterday's outfit was a combination of the "fall feel" with the comfort of shorts and a t-shirt.
I love mixing patterns.  And right now that is so on trend.  I decided to keep the outfit basic and mostly grays and black and then I let my accessories show my flare.  The socks and hat are both from Target from a few seasons ago.  I guarantee you can find many plaid options right now that are similar.

This Elie Tahari for DesigNation (Kohls) shirt is one of my faves this fall.  The t-shirts from this collection are so comfortable.  They do wrinkle a lot and that's the one downfall I've seen (especially when I pack them in a suitcase!) but a quick tumble in the dryer will release those.  It's a super comfortable shirt with a little bit of stretch.  And of course, I love the NYC theme of the collection.
I've mixed houndstooth, argyle, pinstripes and buffalo check... I say the more the merrier!
I've also incorporated a faux fur trim bag.  I love this bag... it's really old (and from Target! shocker!) but again, fur is HUGE this season.  See... this is why I keep so many of my pieces, even if I don't wear them for a few years.  Everything comes back.  Always.  I like to keep my clothing and accessories because then when it comes back in style, you have unique pieces others can't get.  Yes, I'm a blogger, I LOVE sharing my sources with you; but I also am a style enthusiast and yes, I love that sometimes I can wear things that others can't.  I like to look a little different.  I like to have people say "Where did you get that?!"
These gorgeous earrings are new to my closet!  I picked them up at Flirt Boutique during their Flirt Turns Five celebration!  I'm so in love with them!!!
So most of the accessories I'm wearing, and the shorts, are old and I can't link the exact products.  But like I said above, the socks and hat are both Target, and these patterns are widely popular and easy to find at pretty much any clothing store right now. 

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