Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fort Worth... the next Austin?

You may not know this if you live elsewhere in the DFW metroplex, but if you actually live IN Fort Worth, especially downtown, you've been noticing lots of changes in the last year or two! From the added activities along the Trinity River, to the bike lanes recently added to downtown streets, and the major development of numerous retail restaurants & bars just outside downtown, the changes are happening everywhere! Even Sundance Square is now getting a complete makeover in an effort to keep the center of downtown more pedestrian, moving most of the parking to the outskirts of the city in existing parking garages.

Texas is HUGE, in case you haven't noticed! So I think many Texans will tell you that while we're all proud Texans, we realize differences between the major cities and the people that choose to live there... Houston is different than Dallas which is different than Fort Worth and well, Austin is just the little weirdo that we all can't help but love! But I'm loving that the distinctive lines dividing these cities are becoming blurred!  I don't feel that HUGE difference anymore when I go between Fort Worth and Austin! What I love about Austin, they seem to be bringing to Fort Worth! Tons of outdoor activities and festivals, improved parks & recreation areas, water activities on the river, smaller "local" food joints instead of just giant chain restaurants, and boutique shops! The culture and history of Fort Worth remains, but the activity for MY generation seems to be booming!

Another huge boom lately? Food trucks! Again, an Austin favorite and something they've been doing for years! Today marks the opening of a SECOND food truck park in Fort Worth, the Cowtown Chow Down! Can't wait to hit this up!

So if you love the feel of Austin and you haven't been to Fort Worth in awhile, you need to come visit our little Funkytown :-) I've been saying for a few years now that every move this city makes seems to be geared towards an end-result like Austin, and now it's what everybody is saying! Fort Worth is NOT second to Dallas just because it's smaller, nor any other city in this state! In fact, us locals have just kept it to ourselves mostly... but I think now our great city is realizing we deserve to be recognized! This is an amazing place to live, a great place to raise a family and even better, for me, a great place to be in your 20s and enjoying day AND night life!

So the next time someone asks you, "Where should we go? What should we do today?" just say... "Won't you take me to, FUNKYTOWN?!"
downtown Fort Worth


  1. i wish some day i'll really get a chance to experience texas. i hear it's definitely one of the cooler states in the u.s.

    1. I love it! But then again, I've lived here practically my whole life :-) Where are you from?