Sunday, May 6, 2012

a little serious on Sunday night

I've had a lot on my mind lately... with the reunion coming up and the fun I've been having going through boxes of old photographs from High School, I've started to reflect on a lot of things.  Not just things from High School, but everything in the past few years. When you get to be in your late 20s, inevitably you reach a point where you have to examine yourself, your actions, your habits, everything... and it can be uncomfortable and difficult because it's always easy to look at everyone else, but the hardest thing to look at yourself. And even though you might come to a conclusion you don't always like, you have to remember to not get down on yourself for your past mistakes. Mistakes are life. It's just important to recognize them and learn from them... not to dwell on them.

I happened to catch the end of a Sex and the City episode when I turned on my TV tonight, and it's almost like the episode was playing just for me to hear this quote.  I needed to hear this quote today ❤

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